Battle of QBs: Auburn and Cam Newton's Five Keys To a Win Over Mallett's Hogs

Alabama VoodooCorrespondent IOctober 10, 2010

Battle Of QB's: Auburn and Cam Newton's Five Keys to a Victory Over Mallett's Hogs

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    Cam Newton hands the ball to a referee after scoring one of his four first half TD's. The legend grows as Auburn is 6-0.Andy Lyons/Getty Images

    After surviving a hard fought SEC road win in Lexington last night, the No. 7 Auburn Tigers begin the SEC Gauntlet in week seven, hosting the aerial attack of No. 12 Arkansas in a key SEC West showdown.

    A lot has been said and will be questioned about the Tigers as they move towards their goal of an SEC Championship, but one thing remains, a win is a win in the SEC, especially on the road.  

    After Saturday night's 19 play 86 yard 7:22 drive to win the game as time expired, the Tigers showed grit, resolve, and mental toughness behind the legs and arms of All-American candidate Cam Newton, as losing was not an option.

    The following five keys will give the Tigers a game day advantage against the dark-horse championship candidate of the SEC West.  These Razorbacks are as good as anyone in the SEC, maybe better, but that's why they play the game.

    Just ask Alabama, who was throttled in Columbia.

Let Cam Newton Be Cam Newton: His Swagger Is Undeniable

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    "That's my be dominant every single play."  Cam Newton after game winning drive against UK on October 9th, 2010.

    Probably one of the best quotes I've heard in a long time, simply because he means it and backs it up every time he steps on the field.  He actually picks and chooses his shots.  He lowers the boom on defenders better than most tailbacks do in the country.

    His pocket presence has been well documented, his scrambling is Vince Young like, and his accuracy is the most unrecognized asset in his game.

    Quite frankly I twittered "HE IS THE BEST FOOTBALL PLAYER I HAVE EVER SEEN."  

    Why can't we say it; why does it bother everyone or make fans uncomfortable to deny what he has done in just six games?  Six games!  I have said all along that he plays with a video game "like" dominance and sheds of tacklers with ease.  

    Let him do his thing!

    Am I the only person who thinks that this throw being ranked No. 3 on ESPN plays of the day is not only a farce but poor digital management?

Make Ryan Mallett Feel the Power and Speed of the Defense...

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    I am not condoning dirty play, injured athletes, and especially intentionally trying to hurt an opponent, but within the legal confines of the NCAA's football rules, I believe in smashing the opponent into submission.  

    Through physically punishing your opponents' leaders, usually their quarterback, can psychologically sway them into making poor decisions as the wear and tear of a barrage of hurries, knockdowns, sacks, and tackles for loss take a toll on their game.  

    This aspect of a defensive philosophy has been an asset for the Tigers until the UK game. If Auburn has any chance of defeating the Hogs, it starts with clobbering Ryan Mallett. Otherwise, get ready for the Ryan Mallett show.   

    Failure to get to Ryan Mallett will result in a Arkansas win; he is too talented.

Get the Ball in Darvin Adams Hands

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    The most underrated player in NCAA FootballKevin C. Cox/Getty Images

    With career totals of 84 catches,1,400 yards, and 12 TD's, it's unsettling to know that the Junior WR actually compiled the majority of those stats over the last 19 games.  Darvin Adams works harder than anyone else on the field and is the most underrated player in the country.  

    A wiry thin, do everything wideout is coming off of last season's All-SEC snub with a chip on his shoulder by acrobatically catching passes, lowering his shoulder for extra yards, and being Cam Newton's go to guy.  

    The confidence from the fans and his teammates is undeniable; this guy is "clutch." 

    To quote the now defunct phrase of Keyshawn Johnson, "Just, give him the damn ball!"

Don't Get Out of Position in the Secondary or Its Curtains for Auburn

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    Greg Childs is a part of the SEC's best pass catching trio at Wide ReceiverAl Messerschmidt/Getty Images

    If Auburn doesn't come with a great defensive game plan, the Tiger's secondary is in for a long afternoon.  The Arkansas Wide Receiver corps of Joe Adams, Greg Childs, and Jarius Wright is tops in the SEC, if not the nation.  

    Throw into the mix super talented TE D.J. Williams, and you start to understand why Ryan Mallett has such great stats, his go to guys are undeniably "Nasty"

    Auburn's secondary must play lights out in order to pull off the huge SEC West showdown.  

Arkansas Native Mike Dyer Should Muster the Load for Auburn...Late

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    Mike DyerKevin C. Cox/Getty Images

    Although Cam Newton is truly carrying the load at this time, the Auburn Tigers need for the freshman sensation to carry the load and "Hang onto the Ball!"  

    The Arkansas defense needs to feel the power and speed of Dyer's "homegrown" running style put on display by the "bitter" but professional Gus Malzhan.  

    These two Arkansas boys would love to put their foot on the throat of the Razorback defense.

    It starts with getting out to a fast start and controlling the clock in crunch time with.  

Why Beating Arkansas and Bobby Petrino Is Important

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    Although a prooven winner, Bobby Petrino still looking for a better opportunityDoug Benc/Getty Images

    Well, for one, no one likes losing to Benedict Arnold, and this losing streak to the Razorbacks is a significant key to Gene Chizik's development and push this team into the right direction.  

    This is probably the most significant game to date and loser is in trouble for league contention.  

    Auburn needs to remember the way Arkansas Hog tied them last year and thrashed them effortlessly especially in the first half.  

    Public perception of the Tigers is that they are overrated and barely winning games, which is at times hard to argue with, but the immeasurable attributes are what makes this Auburn team special.  Chemistry, Heart, and Dedication!

    One game at a time and 6-0 for the first time since 2004.  

    The keys to Victory

    1.  Cam Newton

    2.  Scheme to pound Ryan Mallett

    3.  Darvin Adams

    4.  Secondary play

    5.  Mike Dyer and Gus Malzhan