Redskins Vs Packers: Halftime: Packers Dominating But Redskins Are In It

J Howard GiddingsContributor IOctober 10, 2010

Aaron Rodgers is the Undisputed Leader of The Pack
Aaron Rodgers is the Undisputed Leader of The PackJonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Green Bay Packers are downright impressive.  They're good on defense, offense, and special teams.  And frankly, they've made the Redskins look like the Green Bay scout team.  The only problem is, the Redskins' defense was incredibly stout on the goal line, and the Washington offense showed some signs of life on its last drive which resulted in a field goal. 

The Packers have done just about everything right in the first half.  They've moved the ball on offense, amassing 227 yards to the Redskins' 148.  In doing so, they've held the ball for five more minutes than Washington.  Otherwise, if you looked at other key stats like first downs and penalties, you'd think the game was even. Rest assured, it's not.  Green Bay has pressured McNabb big-time, sacking him twice.

If the Packers keeping pressuring McNabb, turnovers will most certainly follow allowing the Packers to pull away and win decisively.  On the other hand, if the Redskins get their run game going and give McNabb some time, this will be a very competitive second half. 

Washington has the ball on its 26 to start the half.  Packers 10, Redskins 3..