Heisman Rankings Post-Week 6: Top 10 Contenders To Win the Award

Denise CharlesContributor IIIOctober 10, 2010

Heisman Trophy Rankings: Top Ten Contenders To Win The Award

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    After a weekend of upsets and shockers, the top ten contenders for this year’s Heisman Trophy has indeed taken another turn, and the polls will as well.  

    Let’s take a quick glance at the contenders and see what makes them catch the public eye.

    Mark Ingram--RB for Alabama

    I wouldn’t believe the hype and including him in my list makes me grind my teeth.  Regardless, he [barely] made my list and in small comparison may be one of the best to be considered a contender.  

    He may have hit a rough patch and lost some votes with the loss against South Carolina this weekend and his unimpressive stats for said game. But, his performance against Duke and Arkansas still linger in memories, as he rushed for over 150 yards each game, despite the fact that he didn’t play in the two previous games.

Michigan's Denard Robinson--Rivalry Nerves Or Signs Of The End?

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    Denard Robinson--QB for Michigan

    Despite the praise and favoritism Robinson has received from many at the start of the season, his chances of winning the Heisman may be lost after his performance against Michigan State this weekend.  

    With a 58.6% completion rate for passing and three interceptions this weekend, he definitely hit a low in his record books for the 2010 season.  

    However, that doesn’t mean we should forget the talent Robinson has displayed on the field in other contests. 

Oklahomas DeMarco Murray

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    DeMarco Murray--RB for Oklahoma

    He may be the glue for OU.  He holds the leading spot in total yards and touchdowns for the Sooners.  

    With a total of 551 yards and nine touchdowns this season, he is projected to post career numbers in all aspects by the end of this year.  

    That being said, he deserves some praise because he’s already caught up to his record high for two out of his four previous years.

South Carolinas Stephen Garcia

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    Stephen Garcia--QB for South Carolina

    Yes, I realize South Carolina lost to Auburn last week, but they remarkably upset No.1 ranked Alabama this weekend—and honestly, I don’t think anyone projected the win.  

    Garcia only threw for a total of 201 yards with an 85% completion rate, and rushed for maybe 11 yards.

    But, the fact of the matter is that he showed some impressive leadership skills with this huge upset that is bound to shake things up in the polls.  Hats off to him for keeping things alive and interesting in college football.

TCU's Andy Dalton

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    Andy Dalton--QB for TCU

    It amazes me that no other Heisman watch blog or website has mentioned any player from TCU as a Heisman contender.  They have been ranked in the Top Five in polls for quite some time now and they must be doing something right to receive notice.  

    Quarterback Andy Dalton may not be producing high numbers in the passing or running game, but unlike most contenders, he is producing a consistent numbers in both categories (and he’s been doing it from the beginning).  

    After embarrassing and demolishing Wyoming in a 45-0 blow out, Dalton threw for a total of 270 yards with an 82 percent completion rate. So although he hasn’t been throwing for a monstrous 500 yards per game, he still remains consistent and has helped keep his Horned Frogs in the Top Five.  

Oregons LaMichael James

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    LaMichael James--RB for Oregon

    Another strong player and a much deserved candidate. James dominated on the field this weekend, as he does every weekend, against Washington State.  

    Although his attempt at improving his rushing stats weren’t achieved, James definitely kicked it up a notch on the receiving end.  

    Granted, he only caught for a total of 87 yards, an all-time high for this season—it shows that he can be flexible and is willing to deliver in more ways than one, if given the chance.

Husker's Taylor Martinez

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    Taylor Martinez--QB for Nebraska

    Yes, we will all agree the Big 12 just isn't what it used to be...but let’s continue to give credit where credit is due.  

    Nebraska is ranked 5th and is only one of two teams from the Big 12 that has stayed in the Top Ten.  Martinez not only makes the Huskers a threat to majorly upset a team in the Big 12 Championship, but he also helps in making the team a threat as a contender in the BCS Championship game.

    At Kansas State, Martinez set the Nebraska record for rushing yards by a quarterback in a game with a total of 241 yards.  Eric Crouch—2001 Heisman Trophy winner—never did that. Neither did Tommie Frazier, Turner Gill, Scott Frost or any other “great” Husker quarterback.

Kellen Moore--Boise State

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    Kellen Moore--QB for Boise State

    Moore has impressed and improved over the course of the season, so far.  

    He threw for a total of 267 yards this past Saturday against Toledo. Although he has thrown for more in a given game, his pass completion rate is steadily improving each week.  Moore threw for a 72.7 percent completion rate, making it a season high.  Although he has failed to post rushing numbers similar to other contenders, he is still in the running for his improvement and achievement in passing. 

Cameron Newton

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    Cameron Newton--QB for Auburn

    While Newton only completed 62 percent of his passes, he manages to show his consistency via his talent from week to week.  

    In addition, he also obtained a career high 198 rushing yards this weekend.

    And although they barely squeezed past Kentucky with a three point win, Newton ran for 176 yards and three touchdowns against South Carolina two weeks ago. Yes, South Carolina—the team that just knocked Alabama off their high horse, relieving them of their long held top position in the polls.

Terrelle Pryor

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    Terrelle Pryor--QB for Ohio State

    Can we say wow? After this weekend’s game against Indiana, Pryor definitely moved to the top of my list for Heisman contender.  

    With an 80 percent completion passing rate and a total of 334 passing yards, Pryor led the Buckeyes to a 38-10 victory.  

    It was an impressive performance by the Buckeyes that definitely put the spotlight on the team and quarterback.

The Weak Will Fall While The Strong Will Prosper

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    With crucial team losses that can deplete any player's stats, there is always a Heisman Trophy Contender who's light bulb burns out in their spotlight...at the same time though, a new person gets glorified with a spotlight.

    Who do you think will fall by the end of the 2010 season?

    Who do you think is a instant winner for this prestigious trophy?

    As with the polls, we'll never agree on one player, but the controversy is what makes college football so interesting and nail biting.