Chris Jericho Talks About His Future In Pro Wrestling

Matthew HesterSenior Writer IOctober 10, 2010

Chris Jericho has been a very busy guy these days. He is back with Fozzy, and besides his recent tour. Jericho is also planning on releasing another album with his bad. So where does that leave his wrestling career? Jericho answered this question in many more in a recent interview with the UK Sun.


Here are some of the highlights from the interview

Jericho on if he would consider going anywhere else if he returned to wrestling: "I have a certain understanding with Vince. Sometimes he gets mad at me, sometimes I get mad at him.


"But the bottom line is I love wrestling and I love the WWE. I will NEVER wrestle anywhere other than the WWE. That's a given and everyone knows it.


"I'm a creative person and, just like the boss, I'm going to do things that creatively stimulate me. Vince is surrounded by a lot of yes men and I think he is very refreshed by the fact that I'm not a yes man."


 Jericho on when he does decide to retire from wrestling "I think when it's time for me to be finished in wrestling, finished on camera, then I'll be finished with the business, maybe completely.


"I might end up doing commentating or something like that. I have a journalism degree but I'd rather the person who is being written about, rather than the person who is writing.


"I think it's the same with creative. I don't think I'd ever be able to give up the spotlight. Kicking and screaming, if I had to I would, but I feel I'm more of a creative person in front of the camera than behind it."



Jericho on his Character change: "That character on my return was because I didn't want to be a nostalgia act. I wanted to reinvent completely.


"It was like the inspiration people take from Madonna and Kiss — acts who would completely reinvent themselves album by album, still remaining true to themselves as an artist but changing things up.


"My attitude was that people see me 52 weeks out of a year on weekly TV, so I'd be pretty freakin' boring if I looked the same, acted the same, had the same moves, the same catchphrase and the same shtick every single night.


"Unlike with music, in wrestling, you could do the same act for 30 years.


"Look at Flair or Hogan or guys that have been around for years. They do the same thing.


"Although Hogan reinvented himself with the nWo, a guy like Flair does the same thing every night and people want to see it.


"I've always been the type of guy that wants to change, adapt and morph from year to year.


"The Undertaker has done that. I've called him the 'Madonna of wrestling'. We laugh about it.


"He constantly changes his look, his appearance, his act. He adds things to it, does different moves, has different ring music and can then go back to the tried and true formula that works. He's always been an inspiration.


"I look back through the matches on my new DVD and I am different all the way through.


"If you looked back and you were the same for the last 10, 15 or 20 years, you'd be like, 'Man, that's pretty boring'."


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