Michigan Hasn't Beaten State in Football or Men's Basketball in 1,321 Days

Brad AckerContributor IOctober 10, 2010

Spartans Run Away With Win
Spartans Run Away With WinLeon Halip/Getty Images

The last time the Wolverines beat the Spartans?

Feb. 27, 2007 when Michigan’s Dion Harris scored a game-high 24 points in the 67-56 victory at Crisler Arena.

Let’s do the math:

1321 Days

= 31704 Hours

= 1902240 Minutes

= 114134400 Seconds

We all know that Michigan has the upper hand in the overall rivalry but recent history has the Spartans on top.  

The Spartans got a scare when Izzo was toying with going to the Cavaliers and Dantonio had a heart attack after the Notre Dame game.  The ending of that game will go down in Spartan Stadium history.

The future of both schools programs looks bright.  

With Izzo staying for the long run, the Spartans should be National Championship contenders every year.  Dantonio has had solid recruiting classes the past few years and recently ranked 30th by Rivals in 2010.

Michigan saw a high with the Fab Five in basketball in the 90s.  Since then?  Not so much.

As a non-Michigan fan, I truly believe they have hired the right coaches in both football and basketball in Rich Rodriguez and John Beilein.

Rich Rod has had his struggles lately, but he’s obviously shown promise this year and with a 20th ranked recruiting class by Rivals, along with a solid pool of talent, Michigan should be a force to watch out for.

Michigan’s athletic facilities have seen plenty of upgrades as of recently which will help with recruiting.  It’s a good way for boosters to add recruiting value without actually giving money to the student athletes.

Michigan State now ranks No. 13 in the AP Poll.  Michigan is no longer ranked in the Top 25.

The historic rivalry between the Spartans and Wolverines looks to be as strong as ever.  

Do you agree?