Hitting the Number 50 with my Followers

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Hitting the Number 50 with my Followers
Today is a special day for me as far as blogging is concerned; I have hit the 50 followers mark. This tells me that I am posting information that you as fisher-people are interested in. There are a lot of reasons why bloggers are successful, *I think the following things I do with blogging has help me reach those 50 followers:

*I try to keep my post relating to fishing information and trips that I think my readers will find interesting.
*Most of the time I post short and to the point information, so the reader doesn’t have to spend too time reading. I realize a lot of my bloggers follow a lot of blogs so I am looking at the time factor, when I post an article.
*Another thing I like to do is to get my readers to give me their opinion on some of the subjects I cover. I like to know what my readers are thinking. I value all of my reader opinions and have learned a lot from their input.
*A lot of bloggers post something every other day, I like to post information every 4 or 5 days, that way I give me bloggers time to find the post---a lot of bloggers my not check their blog roll everyday, so this posting method works best for me.
*I guess you have notice my print on my blog is in bold and large print, I want my readers to be able to read the text on my blog without hopefully wearing their glasses.
*Color font and background color is very important to me in that some blogs I visit doesn’t show the font well because the color background is clashing with the font color.
*I always try to post an image of the fly, and of course the fish with all my fishing trips, along with a complete description of how, where, and when I caught the fish.
There are a lot of blogs out there that do the same things and more I just mentioned and that is why they are successful. I am extremely proud of all my followers and wish to thank all of them for their support to this blog. I hope I can continue to please all of you as we add more members to our group.

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