Songs That Must Be Used As Entrance Theme's.

Michael OrteigaCorrespondent IOctober 10, 2010

Songs That Must Be Used As Entrance Theme's.

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    Now there are a lot of great entrance theme's in the WWE, most being done by the musical genius Jim Johnston. But there are a few songs that when i listen to i just know that they could be used as a great entrance theme's. Now am pretty sure that if you want a performer to be a fan favorite, his entrance theme plays a big part in being liked by the fans. So here are some of the songs that i think would make a great entrance theme if they are used properly. 

    PS: all songs are either Metal, Heavy Metal, Rock, and a great Death Metal song by Opeth.

10) Ace of Spades: Motörhead

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    I don’t know about you, but whenever I hear Lemmy saying “It’s time to play the game” in Triple H’s theme song I just get excited! Motörhead have done many work for the WWE, but their best single ever without any question is “Ace of Spades” and it should be used by the WWE.

9) Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘n Roll – Saliva

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    Sex, drugs, and rock ’n roll. That’s pretty much a great lifestyle (Say no to drugs). This song will cheer you up in no time! Plus having this song being played in the WWE isn’t that hard since the band Saliva signed a contract with the WWE, to make them songs from time to time.

8) Chop Suey – System of a Down

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    Great intro and great execution by the band.

7) Fuel – Metallica

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    “Give me fuel, Give me fire, Give me that which I desire!”

    This song gets you pumped up from the very first second till the end!

6) Bodies – Drowning Pool

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    Well from the name of the song you could understand how it might be perfect as an entrance theme. Though this song has been used by the WWE for SummerSlam 2001, One Night Stand 2005 and 2006, December to Dismember 2006, and ECW on Sci Fi. I think it should be used properly as an entrance theme.

5) Master of Puppets – Metallica

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    Described by many as the greatest Heavy Metal song of all time, this song is what made a turning point in the career of the great Thrash Metal Band Metallica. Listen to it very carefully.

4) The Trooper – Iron Maiden

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    A 1983 song from the album Piece of Mind, until this day this song is considered to be one of Iron Maiden’s best songs of all time.

3) Wasted Years – Iron Maiden

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    The Rhythm and Bass guitar work that has been done by Dave Murray and Steve Harris is just indescribable at the beginning! Just listen to it.

2) Bleak – Opeth

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    Now the Swedish band Opeth have a certain style that made them so famous that some people just can’t find a flaw with this band. Bleak is one of my favorites because the vocalist  Mikael Åkerfeldt uses a transitional style of singing where he goes from growled vocals to clean vocals then he goes back again in 8:18.

1) Mother Russia – Iron Maiden

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    This song is unique in so many ways that it can’t be described. If it would be an entrance theme song it could start from the beginning or they could just let it play from 0:53. I would suggest that you would listen to it from the beginning.