LSU, Les Miles Get's Last Laugh As Tigers Get Big Win In Florida

Henry BallSenior Analyst IOctober 10, 2010

Fear the Hat!
Fear the Hat!

He who laughs last is apparently not an LSU fan because there is clearly more to come!  Last week's 13-man redemption in Baton Rouge was such a PR disaster for Les Miles that many people were not entirely sure he would be on the sidelines in Gainesville for Saturday Night's showdown with no.14 Florida.

Even more so, it seemed almost certain, from Miles own comments and fan sentiment—that has been building for over two years—that offensive coordinator Gary Crowton would be relinquishing play calling duty.

The Blogosphere was atomic through the week—and really ever since a near come from ahead loss was averted near UNC’s goal line in the Atlanta kick-off opener— with calls for both Miles and Crowton's heads.  I'm fairly sure there was at least one freedom of information act request to find out the details of his contract extension(s) to find out just how much money ($11.25 to $15M) would need to be raised to buy him out.

Coaches piled on as South Caolina Head Coach Steve Spurrier referred to Miles when he said "we learned recently that you can win and still be a dummy."

The National media mocked and ridiculed and monolithically pronounced the Tigers DOA, predicting a loss to Florida and up to five losses to follow.

It was so bad that ESPN's College Gameday crew teased and ridiculed LSU and Miles throughout Saturday Morning's broadcast and highlighted the program with a three-minute segment that included first graders explaining how clocks work.

And as fate (if you believe in such things) would dictate, Saturday Night's slug fest would come down to a final drive, with the clock running out, no time outs, a little controversy and one "insanely" dramatic fake field goal call that led to a Tiger Touchdown and victory

With the win he may have turned the tide of criticism, at least within the fan base but he’s not too sure “they didn’t like us much at 5-0 but maybe they’ll like us a little better now” he said, with a questioning tone, after the ball game.

ESPN’s Gameday Final broadcast was more admiring with Reece Davis even defending the Mad Hatter moniker—which he coined in 2007—after a sideline reporter asked Miles if he liked the Nickname.

Miles smiled and said “It’s just a hat and I’m not mad at anybody.”

I have concluded that we are living in the evil Matrix and Les Miles in Neo, he has yet to completely master his 'whatever it is he is supposed to master' but he is fighting for your deliverance Tiger Fans!

Support him and rage against the Machine!

Note: No stats were used in the writing of this article as statistics do not compute in the Matrix and are useless in understanding a hero like Neo Les Miles and his Darn Fine Football Team!