How Dumb Are The Florida Gators When They Make Les Miles Look Like a Genius?

Jim FolsomContributorOctober 10, 2010

TUSCALOOSA, AL - OCTOBER 02:  Head coach Urban Meyer of the Florida Gators against the Alabama Crimson Tide at Bryant-Denny Stadium on October 2, 2010 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Another Les Miles luckfest has LSU leading the way in the SEC. Who would have thought that possible a week ago? Thanks to South Carolina and the Ole Ball Coach knocking off Alabama, LSU now sits atop the SEC mountain. How long will they stay? I'm guessing not long. This cannot keep up, can it?

If Miles were some kind of genius coach and was pulling out these games, I'd say LSU has a real chance. But this? This is buffoonery. If there is a worse team in the two minute drill than LSU, I haven't seen it. And yet they manage to pull another one out of their rectums against an equally stupid and poorly coached Florida team.

It's not like we didn't see this coming. The whole game was one bonehead play after another. Stupid penalties, turnovers, muffed punts, I could go on. This is week freaking six people! Why do these teams loom like the 22 Stooges out there?

In the last 3:21, LSU had PLENTY of time. Yet somehow manages to eat up almost all the clock and left themselves with a 53-yard field goal attempt. Even Todd Blackledge is saying "Florida needs to watch out for the fake. Let them kick it. If he makes it, then go to overtime, but don't give up the fake." Now if he can see this, why can the Florida coaches not see this? This is one of the highest paid staffs in college football. Why do we look like we have absolutely no clue out there?

We give up long passes in obvious pass situations. Here's a clue for you. There aint no more timeouts left. THEY'RE GOING TO PASS!  And when it's third and eight? Probably going to be a pass! Can you cover someone? How do we make a team that can barely score on Tennessee look like '99 Rams?

But not being alive for the fake? That is unreal. I expect that kind of garbage from a Ron Zook coached team, but not from a National Title winning coach. Some heads need to roll if this does not get fixed. If you're getting carved up by Ryan Mallett that's one thing. But Jordan Jefferson?

On a bright note, at least the Gators showed up this week and fought until the end. Now if we can incorporate some smarts, maybe we can salvage a trip to the Outback Bowl.