Yankee Fishing Expeditions Offer Unforgettable, Unmatched Experience

Jess KContributor IIIOctober 9, 2010

FishingDavid Cannon/Getty Images

Yankee fishing expeditions are known for traveling to such great fishing locations as Jeffrey’s Ledge and Stellwagen Bank. Over 60 years of fishing experience helps to take you to the very best spots for deep sea fishing so that you can be sure to have one of the most memorable fishing experiences of your life.

Our collection of fishing vessels has specifically been designed to offer the very best fishing accommodations that you will find anywhere. Our captains are full-blooded fishermen with a unique sense of where the very best fishing locations are at any given time.

Since we have so much collective experience in our outfit, it is no wonder that we have originated deep sea fishing for parties in Gloucester.

Gloucester is found right in between the southern Stellwagen Band and the northern Jeffrey’s Ledge. It just so happens that one of the richest feeding grounds in the world is Stellwagen National Marine Sanctuary.

Here, we have the freedom to travel to any place that we feel is a potentially successful fishing spot which is something that places like Plymouth, Boston, Newburyport, and Cape Cod don’t have the luxury of doing.

These local waters have been explored by our captains and anglers for over 60 years. Having the advantage of the most experienced employees, many of our captains have been employed with us for over 20 years.

If we didn’t have so much fun together on our fishing trips, this may not have been the case. We love what we do here, and we know how to make your deep sea fishing experience unforgettable.

Our boats are spacious with plenty of room and deck space for each guest. While other people may have converted other smaller boats into party fishing vessels, our boats have enough room for spacious bathrooms, booths inside the cabins—complete with a snack shop, and we have just finished completing re-powering our vessels with larger engines for quicker, more reliable service.

You can be sure that your deep sea fishing trip with us and our seasoned captains will be not only of the highest quality, but of the utmost safety as well as our safety records are still unmatched by any other company on the ocean.

Regardless of what your deep sea fishing tips and expectations are, you will not be disappointed with what we have to offer as we can tailor your trip to your specific needs. If you are a beginning angler, adventurer, or avid fishermen give us a call and we will give you the trip of a lifetime.