WWE and TNA Legend, Kevin Nash, To Retire After Bound For Glory?

Cec Van GaliniAnalyst IIIOctober 9, 2010

It is being reported via Twitter that Kevin Nash, a.k.a Diesel, is to retire after this weekend's Bound for Glory PPV. There have been long-term rumours about Nash and the direction of his character, but this latest tweet would certainly be the clearest indication that he is done with wrestling.

If it is confirmed, then it has many ramifications for the TNA locker room. With Nash gone, any chance of an nWo reformation with Sting is over, as would any chance of Scott Hall returning following his current rehab. Nash's departure also seemingly ends this mysterious storyline involving Hulk Hogan, whereby a grudge has been revealed but not actually explained.

Maybe it is the case that Hogan and Bischoff, are "they" and Nash knew it all along, but we will have to wait for the PPV.

The career of Nash has largely been a good one. Whilst some might question his role in the downfall of WCW, and that fingerpoke finish, Nash is still a popular figure amongst wrestling fans. His retirement will see the end of an era, given that Hall, Sean Waltman, and Shawn Michaels are largely done with wrestling as well.

Only one remains of the Madison Square Garden Kliq.

If this news reported is confirmed, could it be that one of the marque names for next year's WCW themed Hall of Fame might be therefore Kevin Nash and/or Scott Hall? Certainly their role in revolutionising wrestling can never be forgotten.

When they invaded WCW in 1996, it was the start of something truly special.