Randy Orton: The Representation Of Limitations

Leonel DeleonContributor IOctober 8, 2010

Does Randy Give enough of these?
Does Randy Give enough of these?

Randy Orton is the WWE champion, and can be known as the viper. He is a 7 time champion, and has done it all and is only 30 years of age. He has feuded with Mick Foley, The Undertaker, John Cena, Kurt Angle, Edge, Triple H, Batista, and etc. He has enough charisma, and can cut a good promo when he needs to. Randy Orton is currently a face. He doesn't cater to the crowd, and still gets the loudest cheer on any given night. All these things put you in comparison with one of the all time greats: Stone Cold Steve Austin. In many ways these two are the same, but Randy Orton is a representation of an Era: The PG Era. The majority of wrestling fans over 12 feel that Randy Orton would be better suited and would benefit from his character more if he weren't so limited. Stone Cold didn't have to worry about limitations, because at the time period of the attitude-era (Which btw is the greatest time period in professional wrestling) you were not limited to what you would say. Stone cold's persona, would include cursing,violence,beer,and all this other stuff that would not look so good today. Sure it would give the fans what we want, but it would not look good for Mr. Vinnie Mac and his PG era.

We as ortonites love what path he walking towards right now, but you get the sense that he needs to do something that would put him over the edge. Randy Orton is not the face of the company just yet. One perfect example of this is Randy as champion. Even though Randy Orton is the WWE champion and has to defend the strap against Wade Barret w/John Cena, he is not getting the promotion Cena gets. Even though its Randy's championship, the main story at Bragging Rights will not be whether Randy retains or loses, it will be if John puts Wade over and helps him to victory. Decisions like this by the creative team drives people insane. When you were champion in the years that Stone cold was up and running, you were the face of the main event. Randy Orton is in the main event, but yet John Cena is given more attention.

There is only so much Randy Orton can do, to give him the it factor. I am 16 and i have been watching wrestling since 97'. If they have a persona like Randy Orton, the least they could do is utilize him to his fullest. If Creative thinks that having Mr. Orton punt Chris Jericho (a person that was on his way out anyways) is going to do it, well its not going to get the job done. Orton is the most limited character in the WWE. People like Undertaker, Triple H, and Chris Jericho are toned down based off what they can do, but it doesn't stop them from being who they are. They are reports that big changes are coming in January of 2011, so why not cater to fans that are 14 and up again. This way we can see Randy at full strength. Now i know that is not going to happen anytime soon, but it would work. Limitations is what drives the PG era today. In the Attitude era, guys like the Rock, Austin, would think of their own promo's, and get the crowd behind or against them when they wanted.

What the creative team doesn't understand, is that if you're liked by the crowd, that does not mean you need to adjust your character. People cheered for Orton even when he was a heel, and creative feels the need to tell Randy to smile when he cuts a promo. It looked sort of wierd to see Randy smile in a Genuine way. The last time he smiled as he did on Raw the night after he won the title was 2004-The Monday Night Raw right after Summerslam. How did that turn out??? Bad, Randy Orton Flopped as a babyface. Creative needs to get it together. "I am the WWE Champion, and I do not deserve this" ---Stone Cold Steve Austin during his 2001 heel run.