Melina Vs Alicia Fox For Vacant Divas Championship In a No DQ Match(Dream Match)

kaz danielsContributor IOctober 10, 2010

The following is how a diva's match is really supposed to go so enjoy!


Alicia fox comes out and it looks like she about to break her hips the way she is twisting! She gets a mic and says tonight she becomes a 2 time divas champion and that she will destroy Melina. Melina comes out with the paparazzi getting pictures. She hits her sexy split into the ring and does that crazy dance. The bell rings and we are off. Alicia Does some smack talking to Melina and slaps her. Melina retaliated with a takedown and a couple of punches. They are up and Melina hits a couple of elbows. She whips Alicia into the corner and charges. Alicia moves and Melina hits her face onto the turnbuckle. Alicia regroups and starts to have at it on Melina in the corner with elbows and kicks and shoulder blocks. She gets her out of the corner and hits a suplex and goes for a pin. She only gets the 2. Alicia picks up Melina and attempts another suplex but Melina reverses into a roll up which is good for 2 only. Melina is up and is hitting elbows to Alicia. Alicia counters with a knee and goes for a clothesline but Melina hits the matrix along with a snapmare driver. She goes for the pin but only gets 2 again. Alicia fox is back up and Melina is hitting some more elbows. She whips Alicia into the ropes and Alicia hits a neckbreaker while Melina’s head was down. Alicia is now going for Melina’s leg with rapid kicks. She goes to the outside and gets a chair. Melina is up and hits a baseball slide, knocking Alicia down onto the floor. They are both outside now. Melina picks up the chair and is waiting for Alicia to get up. Alicia reverses whatever Melina is trying to do with a low dropkick. Melina crashes onto the floor face first onto the chair. Melina looks like she is out cold. Alicia brings her back into the ring and goes for the cover. 1, 2, Melina’s foot touches the ropes! Alicia is frustrated and is stomping Melina down! It looks like she is preparing for the scissors kick. Melina is slowing getting up. Alicia goes for the scissors kick but is reversed into the sunset split. Melina hurts her leg as she hit the split and is limping to get the pin. 2 count only! Melina is trying to go to the top but Alicia cuts her off. Alicia is now on the top rope and is trying to hit a superplex.  Melina punches her off and is trying to hit her painful hair holding DDT. Alicia reverses and pulls Melina off the top rope by her hair onto the mat. Alicia is getting the chair now. She hits melina right in the knee. melina is screaming! Alicia is know ready for the scissors kick! Melina is Slowly getting up and BAM! Alicia hits Melina in the back of the neck. She goes for the pin; 1,2,3! Alicia is the new champion!


Now what do you think about this?