Karen Owen Duke, Jenn Sterger and Top 10 Craziest Sports Sexcapades

David SolarCorrespondent IOctober 8, 2010

Karen Owen Duke, Jenn Sterger and Top 10 Craziest Sports Sexcapades

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    With the odd stories of Karen Owen and Jenn Sterger grabbing headlines everywhere, it seems like an ideal time to examine the best sports sexcapades of the past.

    Considering the time spent on the road, the absurd wealth and the media scrutiny, it’s no surprise there have been so many unbelievable stories over the years.

    Some are sad. Some are funny. Some are both. It’s a nearly impossible list to rank, so I look forward to reading your thoughts on the greatest omissions.

10. Mark Chmura

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    As a Boston College alum myself, this one hurts to mention. Back in 2000, Mark Chmura was the starting tight end for the Green Bay Packers. He had made the Pro Bowl back in 1995, but after suffering two herniated discs during a game against the Lions, Chmura’s career was essentially over.

    Unfortunately in 2000 his back pain was the least of his worries after Chmura decided to attend a post-prom party with his seventeen year old babysitter. I know, what could possibly go wrong?

    After drinking peppermint schnapps with his new underage friends, Chmura allegedly slept with his babysitter next to an upstairs toilet. Chmura was tried and acquitted of statutory rape, although many are not convinced of his innocence.

    The ex-Packer currently works in broadcasting for ESPN radio, and is now a born again Christian.

10. Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich

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    ABC has the hit television show Wife Swap. During the seventies, the Yankees had the real thing.

    Pitchers Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich were the best of friends. They both lived in New Jersey. Went on couples dates together. They even had children at around the same time. Then, after a party in 1972, the two couples had their first swap following a party at sportswriter Maury Allen’s house.

    In 1973, they made the swap permanent. Peterson moved in with Kekich’s wife and Kekich did the same. But hey…the early seventies were a crazy time.

8. Karen Owen

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    Who didn’t Karen Owen upset with her risqué PowerPoint presentation? Her senior honors thesis titled “An Education Beyond The Classroom: Excelling In The Realm Of Horizontal Academics,” was an examination of Owen’s own sexual conquests that somehow went viral.

    The students who were mentioned were enraged, as was the dean. Her expression of sexual freedom outed many Duke students including a handful of athletes. Included in the document are rankings of her partners sexual performance as well as vivid details about each experience.

7. Rick Pitino

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    On April 24, 2009 Karen Sypher, the wife of equipment manager Tim Sypher, was charged with the extortion of Louisville head coach Rick Pitino. What was Sypher trying to blackmail Pitino with? Apparently back in 2003 the two had relations under the table of an Italian restaurant.

    When Sypher got pregnant, Pitino paid $3,000 for her to have an abortion. At the time she was not married to Tim, and he was also paid an undisclosed sum to marry her. This incident got even uglier as Sypher accused Pitino of raping her and stated that Pitino only lasted fifteen seconds. But to be fair, I think he was just trying to beat the shot clock.

6. Brandon Spikes

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    Back in August, New England Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes found himself in an embarrassing situation. The rookie from Florida filmed himself receiving felatio from his girlfriend during a chat session on chat roulette and surprise, surprise, it found it’s way onto the internet.

    The highlight has got to be Spikes chatting online while his girlfriend performs oral sex. While most lines are unfit for public consumption, gems like “lets play don’t be shy,” make the video highly entertaining. Why somebody would want to type while publicly broadcasting their sex life is beyond me, but hey, to each their own.

5. Jenn Sterger

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    While still a member of the New York Jets, the Vikings quarterback allegedly engaged in some rather uncouth behavior. According to Deadspin, Favre sent the former Jets gameday live host Jenn Sterger a series of dirty messages and “dong shots.”

    Deadspin posted these X-rated photos early today, and while I’m none to eager to see Favre’s wrinkled up plums, it certainly makes for an amusing story.

4. Marv Albert

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    While serving as the play-by-play announcer for the NBA on NBC, Marv Albert was quite a naughty boy. The broadcasting legend was fired by the network after being charged with forced sodomy and assault.

    While the sodomy charges were ultimately dropped, Marv was convicted of misdemeanor assault and battery after DNA evidence showed he had bitten his former mistress fifteen times. The testimony revealed a plethora of odd sexual fetishes including 45 minute face sitting sessions.

    Apparently NBC wasn’t too put off by Marv’s actions. Two years after his conviction, Albert returned to NBA as the networks lead play-by-play announcer. Yesssssssshhhhhhh!

3. Tiger Woods

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    If you own a television, radio, newspaper or pair of ears, you are familiar with Tiger Woods sexual exploits. The world class golfer didn’t just cheat on his wife Elin with one woman, he cheated on her with a horde of skanky women.

    In all, over twelve women came forward detailing their affairs with Tiger. Amongst the most titillating revelations were that Tiger took the sleeping pill ambient before having sex in order to spice things up. Tiger’s infidelity ultimately led to his divorce as well as the loss of nearly all his sponsorships.

    Just a lesson for all you kids at home.

2. Minnesota Vikings Sex Cruise

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    On October 6, 2005, a group of seventeen members jumped upon two boats and had themselves a little sex party. On the “love boat,” Vikings players including Daunte Culpepper, Nate Burleson and many others, performed various sexual acts directly in front of crew members.

    The precise events of that night we will likely never know, but based on what the cleaning crew found, one could venture a few guesses. Amongst the things found on the ship were used condoms, K-Y Jelly, Handi Wipes, and wrappers for sex toys.

    When punishments were ultimately handed down, Fred Smoot and Bryant McKinnie plead guilty to misdemeanor disorderly conduct and were punished with a thousand dollar fine and 48 hours of community service.

1. Donald Sterling

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    He may be the NBA’s worst owner, but he has to be amongst the top ten unintentionally funny people I’ve ever seen. In a must read court transcript from a January 2003 deposition, Sterling admits to having a long term relationship with Alexandra Castro – a $500 dollar a trick prostitute who had previously lived with Mike Tyson.

    If the idea of a seventy year old billionaire talking about his sex life with a twenty-something year old hooker doesn’t sound amusing to you, then you may have already blown a funny fuse. Lines like, “I think you are beautiful, wonderful, fabulous, and delicious. ‘Delicious’ means that she was sucking me all night long,” flow like the blood in our veins.

    Of course Sterling was married, but he said that once Castro proved she didn’t have aids, he had no problem sleeping with his wife. Seriously David Stern. You won’t let players wear jewelry to the stadium but this clown still gets to own and ruin a franchise? You might want to look into that.