WWE Bragging Rights Predictions: Raw and Smackdown Collide

Jeff Langridge@@JeffLangridge1Correspondent IIIOctober 21, 2010

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Well, after a long layoff, I'm finally back with another article here on B/r. So here is my prediction article for WWE Bragging Rights.

This month I won't be making any predictions for matches that haven't been announced after my failed Mysterio vs. Del Rio prediction. However I think, they will end up having another 6-diva tag match like last year, although that won't be a match I won't be looking forward to.

Bragging Rights has been pretty poorly booked this year, but there are two things working against it. First, WWE having three pay-per-views in this short of time is just plain lunacy. Second, Survivor Series is next month and having two consecutive team-based pay-per-views really hurts Bragging Rights, seeing that Survivor Series is much more popular. Hopefully, WWE will get this all sorted out by next year.

With only adding the matches that actually happened at Hell In A Cell, I went 3 for 5, making my total record 11 for 19.

Now for the predictions.


Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler

Without a doubt, this will be the curtain jerker of the night, but it will also probably be the match of the night. That is, if Mr. Ziggles' two women don't get involved... but knowing WWE, of course they will. In the end, I see Kaitlyn trying to help Dolph win, making Vickie not too happy. They get into a cat fight, Dolph gets distracted, Bryan locks in the LeBell Lock, and Ziggler submits.

I expect to see this lead to a unification match at Survivor Series.

MY PICK: Daniel Bryan


Michelle McCool or Layla(c) vs. Natalya

While any member of Lay-Cool can defend the title, but does Layla ever wrestle on pay-per-view? I see it being Michelle wrestling again.

I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record but I'll continue saying this as long as they are together: I HATE LAY-COOL! I'm anxiously waiting for the day they lose that title.

Unfortunately, I don't see Natalya winning her first championship this Sunday. Sadly, I believe Natalya is just being used as a place-holder until Beth Phoenix returns from injury.

MY PICK: Michelle McCool


Randy Orton(c) vs. Wade Barrett(with John Cena)

This is what happens when the story of the match overpowers the match itself. Does anyone care about the match itself? No, people want to see what happens with John Cena. What will happen? I'm not sure. Cena could turn heel, cost Orton, and embrace Nexus. He could also "accidentally" cost Barrett match. Since I see Nexus being more value-able to Survivor Series as a team for a Survivor Series match and since I also think the WWE title should be defended at SS, I believe the latter option is more likely.

Notice that Orton, the WWE champion, has been totally ignored in this prediction, and yet I still think he'll win. That's just sad.

MY PICK: Randy Orton


Kane(c)(with Paul Bearer) vs. Undertaker

One of the comments on the HiaC article said that it was a sure thing that there would not be a Buried Alive match. Now, I did get the pay-per-view wrong, but guess what, this match is a Buried Alive match.

Now that I'm done gloating, I'll get to my prediction. The last Buried Alive match was at Survivior Series 2003 with Mr. McMahon beating The Undertaker with the help of Kane. In fact, Kane has twice cost 'Taker this kind of match.

It's hard to believe these two haven't faced off in a Buried Alive match before and hopefully there won't be too much outside interference from Paul Bearer.

Since I don't believe Taker is going to lose at three straight pay-per-views, I see him finally coming out with the belt this Sunday.

MY PICK: Undertaker


The Miz(captain), CM Punk, Sheamus, John Morrison, R-Truth, Santino Marella & Ezekiel Jackson vs. Big Show(captain), Kofi Kingston, Tyler Rex, Alberto Del Rio, Edge, Jack Swagger & Rey Mysterio

First off, why is there one guy on each team that, the last time we saw them, they were on ECW? At least Jackson is a bit more known because of his feud with Christian early this year. I would be hard pressed to find someone who even remembers what Rex did in ECW.

Hopefully this match won't suffer too much from over-booking. But seeing that half of the Smackdown team is feuding with each other, I could be hoping for a miracle. It's also stupid to have two people who just switched brands facing their former brand.

Random Question: When was the last time Santino was on pay-per-view before two months ago? All of a sudden, he's been on two out of three.

Regardless, I see this coming down to Miz, Punk, and Sheamus for Raw and Big Show and Edge for SD. Edge would eliminate Punk, Sheamus would then run in and do his kick to Edge to eliminate him, leaving Big Show against Sheamus and Miz. Show and Sheamus would go on for a while, until Sheamus gets two kicks to Show. Miz would then tag himself, and steal the win for himself.


'Til next month for Survivor Series, I'm outta here.


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