Five Reasons The Deadspin Brett Favre/Jenn Sterger Story Is A Hoax

FratHouseSportsContributor IOctober 8, 2010

Only Deadspin could pull this off: Publish a story with so many holes in it a pack of elephants can run through it, and have everyone hop on it like it is the gospel. Is this story believable? Sure, after the Tiger Woods scandal I wouldn't put anything past an athlete, but that doesn't mean you should believe this one, and here's why:

1. The missing Crocs and Watch: In Deadspin's original story about the alleged Brett Favre cell phone pictures, Editor AJ Daulerio mentions two photos of Favre's penis in Sterger's possession. The first is described as him "masturbating — while wearing a pair of Crocs".

Sadly, I looked, and I can say that the man in the Deadspin video is definitely not wearing Crocs in any of the pictures.

The second picture mentioned is described as "Favre is holding his penis while wearing the wristwatch he wore during his first teary-eyed retirement press conference," and in none of the pictures is the man they're alleging to be Favre wearing a watch.

It's amazing to me how the watch can go as one of the focal points, and the one thing that links the picture to Favre, to not even being mentioned in the most recent post.

So now that we know these aren't the photos Sterger mentioned to Daulerio in their meeting, the question becomes: Where did they come from?

The rest of the reasons here.