Kim Kardashian: Reggie Bush Wants Her Back, But Does She Want Him?

RM Herold@@BR_RollinFeatured ColumnistOctober 8, 2010

Kim Kardashian: Reggie Bush Wants Her Back, But Does She Want Him?

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    And so it begins again.

    I'll be honest. I have vested interest in this story. My fantasy team is struggling so while trolling around in the scrap heap, I saw Reggie Bush just sitting there, on waivers.

    So I looked on my team and saw Bernard Berrian giving me the same numbers as Bush is with a broken leg.

    Wasn't a tough decision there, but now I am invested in Bush getting back on the field both mentally and physically in shape.

    That's where Kim comes in.

First the Story...

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    I'm not sure when and how they got together and I don't really care. I just know that both of them were famous before they got together (USC for Bush, stolen sex tape for Kim).

    They became 10 times more famous after they got together.

The Photo Shoot

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    And then they did the GQ photo shoot where everyone said, "Wow these are two hot people who like the camera and like each other and like seeing each other on camera."

    That is when the love affair that really counted began.

    The one with the paparazzi.

Celebrity Couple

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    The one thing tabloids love more than anything is a young celebrity couple who doesn't hide from the pictures.

    Most actors say they are only in the public eye for the "craft," so you got the average acting celebrity couple running from the paparazi, but these two didn't.

    Which is why the tabloids love them.

The Break Up

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    They broke up a few times from what I hear. Mostly it was because he got tired of her life and being followed everywhere by cameras.

Moving On

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    Some say Bush is now dating this young lady...

Her Name Is...

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    Mayra Veronica and she is an aspiring singer and model.

Obviously, She Is Beautiful

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    And there are similarities between the two.

    I'm not saying Bush has a type, but if he does, damn it, it's my type too.

Reports Surfaced Today...

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    All of the gossip tabloids and blogs are saying that Bush wants to get back with Kim and misses her.

Reasons For Getting Back Together: Kim

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    Maybe she misses him. Who is to say that he isn't her true love? They were together for decades in Hollywood years.

Reasons For Getting Back Together: Kim

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    Staying with someone with equal star power.

    She has tried to date others since Reggie, including Miles Austin, and he just didn't click.

    The chemistry for the cameras just wasn't there.

Reasons For Getting Back Together: Kim

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    She needs someone who is gone at least half the year, so she can have the spotlight all to herself.

    Reggie fits the bill.

Reasons For Getting Back Together: Kim

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    She needs someone famous, but not more famous than her, to keep the career burning hot.

    Again, Reggie is perfect. If she started dating an A-list actor, she would be a sidekick.

    Bad for the brand.

Reasons To Stay Apart: Kim

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    She is doing pretty well without him and has made it possible for her sisters to get their own spinoff show.

Reasons To Stay Apart: Kim

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    She doesn't have to put up with the constant rumors of Reggie's wandering eye.

Reasons To Stay Apart: Kim

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    Maybe she can find someone to either put a ring on it or knock her up like her two sisters. That might not be in Reggie's plans.

Reasons To Get Back Together: Reggie

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    Things haven't gone so well since the breakup.

    Broken leg, broken legacy.

Reasons To Get Back Together: Reggie

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    Maybe he is ready to settle down and going through his trials and tribulations made him appreciate having her with him.

Reasons To Stay Apart: Reggie

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    Does he really want to go back to all that paparazzi and tabloid gossip?

Reasons To Stay Apart: Reggie

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    The marriage question is going to keep coming up, especially since she is older than him and that biological clock is ticking.

The Prediction:

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    I predict they get back together at least until the end of the season and Reggie heals and helps the Saints go deep into the playoffs.

    I also predict this will be the last time they make a run at it. Bush will either do his duty or get off the pot.

    Now get back on that field and save my fantasy football team, Reggie!