Animals Return: Batista To Rejoin The WWE?

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Animals Return: Batista To Rejoin The WWE?
Gaye Gerard/Getty Images
Former WWE star Batista seems to have changed his tune about actively competing in MMA. Instead it seems we may end up seeing him back in WWE at some point. He told Bloody Elbow - "I will not be doing MMA/Strikeforce any time soon. So you can see me in the future of the WWE". Initial reports suggested he wanted to fight Bobby Lashley, but both have since sent mixed signals about the potential of it going ahead. Credits to wrestling Inc for the story, could be interesting to see him return, he can still go and with news of lashley coming back to WWE they may still gt their match, even if it isnt a real fight. Also I think it would be awesome if he was the leader of nexus but that would make far too much sense for it to actually happen

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