Geno Smith, Class of 2012 Defensive Back, Makes Plays That Coaches Love

Mike PendletonCorrespondent IOctober 8, 2010

"I want it more then anyone, I won't take no for an answer and my desire to be the best player I can be is what wakes me up every day."

Those words were spoken from Geno Smith, a 2012 recruit from St. Pius X High School (Atlanta, GA).

Smith, a 6'0" 170-pound cornerback, has the true skills of a great cover corner. As much as Smith is known for covering his opponent, he is also not afraid to come up and make a big hit.

"It's not all about your playing style that makes you a good player, work ethic and desire, that's what makes me who I am," Smith says.

To be a great player you must realize what it will take. Smith not only realizes what it takes but understands that without the necessary requirements, he will not reach his full potential.

"My lifetime dreams and goals to play collegiate and professional football is what drives me."

As far as college goes, Smith is already being noticed. As a junior he has already heard from top football colleges such as Georgia, Tennessee, Auburn, Alabama, and Virginia Tech, while also being scouted by at least 10 more schools. Not looking for the hype, Smith says, "I just want people to know I am very self-motivated and dedicated as an individual."

Teammates, opponents, coaches, and fans love the way this young kid plays, and the way he carries himself—team first, individual last. As any great player, Smith has one person who he tries to mold his game after. "I feel like I play most like Alabama's Dre Kirkpatrick because of our height and coverage abilities."

With 21 tackles, three interceptions, and four pass breakups already on the season, Smith is likely to hear from many other schools. Take notice of the work that Geno Smith is doing, and he will soon be following in the footsteps of Kirkpatrick, who was at one time rated the No. 1 corner in the nation by

To be the best, you must learn from the best and for Geno Smith, the potential gives him the opportunity to not only study but even be better then the best.