RAW’s Mystery General Manager. three likely candidates

SlamZillaContributor IOctober 7, 2010

The question of, who might be the mystery general manager of Monday Night RAW has been on everybody’s minds lately.  And there has been no shortage of people that have been named as possible candidates.  Naturally people like Steve Austin, The Rock, and even Vince McMahon himself have been brought up.  But as we have all guessed, these aren’t very likely at all.

      So who will they name as the general manager after they are done dragging this ridiculous angle out, and beating it to death with a stick?  Other names have been brought up that are also possible.  JBL could be a good pick.  His days in the ring are behind him, and they don’t need him at the announce desk, but as a GM he could do an excellent job.  His character would fit the role perfectly, and if needed, he is probably still able to do some “hands on” work. 

    Another name that has come up has been Stephanie McMahon.  Personally I don’t see this one happening, since she is already working with the creative end of the business, and she is a busy Mom.  But I can see where it would make some kind of sense from a character point of view, especially when you consider the animosity the GM seems to have towards Chris Jericho and Edge.  But those two are no longer in the equation right now, so that is pretty much a moot point.  So, here are three people I think would be good picks to fill the role.

Mick Foley.

     Yes, he is still currently with TNA.  But the WWE has been mentioning his name a lot lately, and I am not so sure it is simply out of respect for the fact that he has done so much for the company.  WWE has been known to do complete 180′s on people that they once loved, especially if they work for the competition.  So why on Earth would they push Foleys new book, and talk him up while he is still in TNA, unless perhaps he is on his way out, and will soon be back in the WWE house.  And what better way to make a debut, then as the mystery general manager.  His association with TNA would make for a good excuse as to why he had to communicate via Email.

Joey Styles.

     Styles is a behind the scenes man right now where he is the director of digital media content for WWE.com.  Think about that for a second.  His job is with digital media for the companys website.  Sounds like the sort of person who would run a show from behind a computer desk, doesn’t it?  Now I understand that he hasn’t had an on screen role in quite some time, but as a former announcer its not like he isn’t comfortable being on air, or on camera.  Also, Styles has a lot of personality, and could pull off being the general manager quite easily.  And lets face it, who wouldn’t love to hear him give us a few more,  OH MY GOD”s !!!!!   He’s a long shot, but it could work.

Abraham Washington.

     While the WWECW was on the air, I made it a point of never watching it, except for a few matches with Christian and Sheamus.  I just couldn’t stand to see what they were doing with the ECW name.  But I did go back and check out Mr Washington, and the people that have guessed that he could be the mystery general manager might just be on to something.    He has lots of personality, and judging from his interview segments, he is very good on the Mic.  I don’t know much about his wrestling skills, but for playing the role of general manager, he woudln’t have to worry about that for a while.  And unlike the other two picks I have mentioned, he really isn’t doing anything at the moment.  This is the case with most of the people that have been speculated to be the GM.  From Triple-H down, they are all either currently occupied, or just not able to do the job.  Washington could step into the role at any time.  How they would explain his need to keep his identity a secret for all these months is beyond me, but I think Abraham would be a good choice to fill the role.

Okay, one last pick.


     Just kidding.