ESPN Body Issue: Diana Taurasi and the Sneaky Hottest Athletes Ever

RM Herold@@BR_RollinFeatured ColumnistOctober 7, 2010

ESPN Body Issue: Diana Taurasi and the Sneaky Hottest Athletes Ever

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    You know the ones.

    They are great athletes but you never thought of them in that way.

    You admired how hard they played but didn't want to go there.

    But you are a guy, and every once and a while you catch them in the right light and you say...

    Hey, she is kind of cute.

    Well, here's that list.

    *Don't judge her by this cover...

10. Marta (soccer)

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    You know she is Brazilian and she is great at soccer because she only has one name.

    But when you see her running down the pitch, she doesn't really do it for me.

    This pic caught her just right, though.

9. Vonetta Flowers (bobsled)

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    First of all, she has a great story. She was a sprinter and long jumper but failed to fulfil her dream of making the Olympic team.

    So she switched to bobsledding, trained her ass off and won a gold medal in Salt Lake City.

    And to top it off she is cute as a button.

8. Lita (wrestling)

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    This is for all my wrestling folks out there. If you remember when Lita first arrived on the scene she didn't look anything like this.

    And then she cleaned up a bit.

7. Swin Cash (basketball)

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    Cool name, cleans up well and is really pretty.

    The problem is she might as well be in the witness protection program.

    No one knows any WNBA ladies but Taurasi, Lauren Jackson, Candace Parker and Sue Bird.

6. Victoria Azarenka (tennis)

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    How can someone who looks like that be sneaky hot, you ask?

    Because when the magazine stylist isn't around, at times on the court she can look like this.

5. Lauren Jackson (basketball)

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    Most folks will say this is an obvious choice but is it?

    She is 6'5 and close to 200 pounds.

    I think she classifies as sneaky hot, because not too many guys are ready for those dimensions.

4. Caroline Wozniacki (tennis)

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    She says she wants to follow in Anna Kournikova's footsteps, but that's probably the wrong way for her to go.

    Nonetheless, in the right picture, she is kind of hot.

3. Michelle Kwan (skating)

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    She was the American champion skater who never quite accomplished her goal of winning Olympic gold so you admired her for always trying.

    And she was so wholesome that you thought of her as your sister. Or you best friends sister.

    But maybe not. Maybe we had her all wrong.

    Maybe that smile was hiding something.

2. Diana Taurasi

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    It's really her fault, not ours.

    If she took more pics like this and less like, well the rest, she wouldn't have to be sneaky hot.

    Just actually hot, like her buddy Sue Bird.

1. Michelle Wie (golf)

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    At first she was too young.

    And then she was gangly and annoying because she kept playing in the guys' tournaments without winning the on the LPGA.

    But then she started focusing and kept blooming.