Brett Favre: Do Jenn Sterger Rumors Shut Him Down For Good?

Kyle CrawfordContributor IIOctober 7, 2010

By now we've all heard about the new Brett Favre drama, but in case you haven't, I'll break it down for you. Favre allegedly attempted to seduce former Jets sideline reporter, Jenn Sterger. Its important to note that there is no real proof that Favre took part in any of this. 

We can, however, speculate on how the incident related to the Vikings early struggles, and whether Favre's ankle injury will effect his current play. 

Favre has proved that he can play through pain. While starting 312 straight games and counting, Favre has taken the field with broken fingers, bum ankles, and every imaginable pain in between the two. 

Brett has also taken the field struggling with personal adversity that is more serious than this. The day after his father passed away in December of 2003, Brett Favre made the tough decision to take the field. Not only did he play that day, he took out all of his emotions on the Raiders. Favre threw for four first half touchdowns, leading the Packers to a 41-7 victory on Monday Night Football. 

But this is a different kind of adversity that Favre will potentially have to play through. Ask Tiger Woods what strains on your marital situation will do to your game, because they sure threw his game into shambles.

If Brett knows he didn't do it and can assure his wife that he didn't, then he'll be completely fine on the field. However, if Deanna doesn't believe him, you better believe that it will hold his game back a little bit. Favre is sure to know that family is more important than a football game could ever be. 

Regardless of the validity of these rumors, Brett will jog onto the field in New York on Monday night. Maybe the addition of Randy Moss will help him temporarily forget his struggles.