Roberto Alomar and the Skankiest Male Athletes Ever

Sam WestmorelandFeatured ColumnistOctober 7, 2010

Roberto Alomar and the Skankiest Male Athletes Ever

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    Roberto Alomar has been accused of knowingly having unprotected sex while HIV positive by his wife. The couple is divorcing, and in the court documents, it is revealed that the former all-star second baseman's wife claims Alomar knew he was HIV positive, yet still engaged in unprotected sex with her. 

    This would seem far fetched, except that in 2009, a former girlfriend filed suit against him as well, for the exact same thing. 

    Alomar's obvious sexual indescretions got us to thinking about the skankiest male athletes of all time. Where does Alomar rank on the list? Is he even in the top 10? We're bringing you the 15 biggest man hoes in sports history. 

15. David Beckham

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    Why He's Skanky: Despite having one of the original WAGs in Victoria "Posh Spice" as his wife, Becks has had his fair share of infidelity claims against him, most of which were completely true. 

    How do we know they were true? Text messages sent from Beckham to his accusers. Busted!

14. Joe DiMaggio

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    That's right, the Yankee Clipper loved to set sail towards poontown. His trysts with famous women and beautiful starlets were the subject of endless gossip, as was his high-profile relationship with 1940's and 50's sex bomb Marilyn Monroe. He was linked to dozens of women over the years, but the only ones he copped to were Monroe and Dorothy Arnold. 

13. Franck Ribery

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    Ribery was accused of sleeping with a prostitute a few months before the 2010 World Cup. No big deal; lots of athletes do it. But here's why he's skanky: the girl was underage. Yeesh.

    Plus, even if she was of age, he shared the prostitute with some of his French teammates. Come on!

12. Wayne Rooney

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    England's golden boy got some tarnish on his crown when he was accused of sleeping around in 2004. He admitted to soliciting a prostitute in Liverpool, while dating Colleen McLoughlin, who would become his wife.

    In the last few months, Rooney was accused of cheating on Colleen again, this time while she was pregnant with their first child. 

    That's just not right. 

11. Ben Roethlisberger

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    Regardless of what you think happened in that Georgia bar last year, Roethlisberger's skankiness was confirmed that night. Why? 

    When the incident occurred, Roethlisberger was 27. His accuser was 20. That makes Big Ben the creepy older guy who goes into bars and hits on college girls. 

10. Tiki Barber

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    Don't be fooled by that smile; it belies the skeeze that resides inside Barber's soul. Recently, it was revealed that the former New York Giants running back was leaving his pregnant wife of 11 years for a much younger woman. 

    That woman was 23-year old former NBC intern Traci Lynn Johnson, who Barber had been cheating on his wife with for an extended period of time. Johnson told Sports Illustrated that she told her parents she was going to babysit at Barber's house. She was living at home, and Tiki Barber did the horizontal tango with her! Yeesh. 

9. Roberto Alomar

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    Alomar allegedly gave two different partners HIV by knowingly having unprotected sex with them. I don't know how much he cheated on them, but it must've been a lot. 

    Besides, if you know you're HIV positive, having unprotected sex automatically makes you a skank.

8. Christiano Ronaldo

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    Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo could have a different girl every night for the rest of his life, if he so desired. 

    So far, that quest is going quite well, as Ronaldo has been plowing through young European actresses and models with the speed and veracity of Wilt Chamberlain. He's still only 25; Wilt's plateau of women in your sexual career is still well within reach. 

7. Alex Rodriguez

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    Alex Rodriguez is one of the bigger skanks in baseball. Despite being married since 2002, Rodriguez has been accused of sleeping with several prostitutes and escorts. Since his divorce in 2007, he's been linked to Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz and Madonna, among others.

    As soon as you're linked to Madonna, you're a skank. It's a rule. 

6. John Terry

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    The Chelsea defender gets this high for one reason: publicity and timing. Terry has had several well-documented affairs over the years, most recently with former Chelsea and England teammate Wayne Bridge's girlfriend. 

    The scandal rocked the English national team in the month leading up to the 2010 World Cup, and cost Terry his captaincy. 

5. Shawn Kemp

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    Kemp's fornicating ways are well documented, as he has fathered at least seven children by several different women. The total is rumored to be closer to 10, and Kemp has never been married.

    You'd think he'd learn to keep it in his pants, or something. 

4. Joe Namath

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    Namath is arguably the biggest man hoe in NFL history. Although, when all is said and done, current Jets quarterback could surpass the master in this department. 

3. Travis Henry

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    11 kids by 10 different women. Just let that potency level sink in for a minute. It's like DiMaggio's hit streak. No one's going to break Henry's kids/partners ratio anytime soon. 

2. Tiger Woods

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    Given the way Woods' alleged mistresses came out of the woodwork, it's possible that had he not practiced safe sex, Woods could have passed Henry's ratio. 

1. Wilt Chamberlain

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    That number 100 is for the 100 points Chamberlain scored on March 2, 1962. 

    Although, given his claim to have slept with 20,000 women in his life, it could be representative of the number of women he's planning to sleep with after the game. 

    He's the benchmark for athletic skankiness, and his prowess won't soon be matched.