Lightning Lee Murray: A History of Violence

Kevin CurranSenior Analyst IAugust 17, 2008

" He's (Lee Murray) got some big brass ones"-Pat Miletich referring to Lee's suspected heist of over 90 million dollars.

"The entire alley erupted into a huge brawl. I was just standing there, and there were bodies flying all over the place. I was confused how it all happened, because it happened so fast. I was standing there with my mouth open like ‘what the hell is going on?’ I looked over and Chuck Liddellwas with his back against the wall, knocking people out that were trying to go after him. Then I looked over and there’s Tito directly past me, taking his coat off, going after Lee Murray, and Lee Murray’s backing up the alley taking his jacket off. Both their jackets come off, and Tito throws a left hook at Lee Murray and misses, and right as he missed, Lee Murray counters with, like, a five-punch combo, landed right on the chin, and knocked Tito out. OUT. Tito fell face-first down to the ground, and then Lee Murray stomped him on the face a couple of times with his boots. Then Tony Fryklund and I grabbed Lee and pushed Lee and said ‘Get out of here!’ And Lee said ‘I’m sorry, I’ll see you later,’ and took off. And Tony Fryklund helped Tito to his feet."-Pat Miletich

That is one of the more brutal scenes I have heard illustrated in my life.

Lee Muray becam legendary after his heist of a securitas bank that was one of the more well planned and executed robberies of all time. Growing up in tough projects with alot of problems he was a man that had the making of a criminal all along. However, he did leave his mark in the ring also. He went the distance with Anderson Silva and submitted Jorge Rivera in the UFC. He may well have been a champ if not for his insatiable greed and need for that adrenaline and cash.

He now resides in a mansion in Morocco, fleeing from extradition to Great Britain. He was arrested by Moroccan police for cocaine possession, but was released after eight months in jail and a 27 thousand euro fine. This is not a big deal for Lee as he feels he is untouchable in Morocco since he is a citizen and Morocco is not known for extraditing its citizens under any circumstances.

As Lee's buddy in England said on E:60 "I don't know, I've seen Lee get out of some really tough scrapes." I don't see any way out of this one.

Lee made a dumb mistake but beating down Tito in an alley gives him badass status for life.

The real question is to what might have been if Lee Murray had stayed clean. One can only wonder.