Animal Impact: Could Dave "The Animal" Batista Join TNA?

Cec Van GaliniAnalyst IIIOctober 7, 2010

In 1996, WCW was given a massive push by the invasion angle of Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. The idea that two of the WWE's finest had switched shows gave immediate credibility to Turner's organization and helped found the Monday Night Wars.

At present, TNA is still lumbering behind, because despite the quality of some of its broadcast, its credibility is somewhat marred by the presence of Hogan, Flair, and, ironically, Nash.

These are stil big names and arguably still puts people in seats, but it comes at a price.

Though TNA has a lot of new young superstars coming through, the Impact Zone is dominated by aging superstars having a final shot at glory as well as disillusioned WWE castaways.

Some in this latter category have developed to become stars in their own right, but at present it's difficult to see many of the TNA pre-Hogan superstars getting a push. What has happened to Samoa Joe, Eric Young, the Pope, Desmond Wolfe, and, in particular, AJ Styles?

It is therefore questionable whether yet another superstar is actually needed given that the roster is already huge. However, Batista is different.

When he left the WWE, the Animal was still in his prime. With his recent MMA training, he is still likely to be in great shape and maybe even quicker. He has lost some of the bulk he was carrying, so it would not take much for him to make the change to TNA. Only one thing probably does—money.

The almighty dollar. It has its impact (pardon the pun). WCW arguably bought their way onto the wrestling map, just as Vince McMahon had done a decade or so before that. If TNA wants to challenge, it needs to invest and while new sets, and getting out of Florida are paramount, investing in talent is crucial.

Firstly, use the superstars it has that are currently underappreicated, like AJ Styles, Amazing Red, and Desmond Wolfe. But also free up capital that has been spent on veterans and try to entice the major wrestling stars, in their prime, to the company.

Imagine if Cena was supposedly fired (its Kayfabe, I know) but if he was to turn up on TNA, it would signal a massive boost for ratings and merchandise. It won't happen of course, nor is it likely that any superstar is going to willingly swap at present.

However if Batista, a free agent, was to move, even on a temporary basis, it might help TNA develop towards that crucial rating of 2.0.  Rumours are flying about today that Batista might be wrestling in Japan against Satoshi Ishii, but it's still to be decided. If he can fight in Japan, then the Impact Zone could very well be next, in between MMA matches.

Batista could dominate TNA but only if the price is right.