ECW is WWE's Secret Gem

adam smereckiCorrespondent IAugust 17, 2008

The WWE's first attempt at recreating the ECW of old failed miserably. We all remember the first episode on Sci-Fi with the "Wrestling Zombie."

Since that lame attempt to satisfy the network, ECW has climbed higher and higher up the ratings chart. The show has survived a power struggle between Paul Heyman and Vince McMahon, a disastrous pay per view debut, and the highly critical "original" ECW fans.

ECW is in the top five highest rated shows on Sci-Fi and scores a higher rating than TNA's Impact on a weekly basis. The WWE can put any of there top stars on the show to score ratings. To their credit, lately they have not.

To be on the ECW roster is not a stigma anymore. Considering ECW stars compete on most WWE pay per views, being on the "C" show is irrelevant.

ECW has done more with an hour show than TNA can dream of in two hours. Not only do established stars become more noticeable, new stars are invented every week. The new star initiative on ECW is pure genius. Not to mention the story lines are actually compelling. I found myself cheering for Tommy Dreamer to teach Colin Delaney a lesson during this past episode (Delaney was released from the company shortly after.)

The ECW roster has a lot to offer. Veterans like Finley, Matt Hardy, Mark Henry, and even Tony Atlas make their presence an asset to the show. Young stars like Ricky Ortiz, and Evan Bourne are really taking off. Not to mention the former tag champs Miz and Morrison are in the locker room (John Morrison is also a former ECW champion.)

ECW may not have the same feel as the original but this version is darn good. Maybe the WWE should change the name brand of the show? I don't know. Anything they want to call it is fine with me.

ECW is must see TV on Tuesday nights!