Will Candice Michelle Leave WWE for TNA?

Jonathan ChristianCorrespondent IAugust 17, 2008

Candice Michelle has been gone for a good while now since her last match. She seems to be injury prone and danger prone when in the ring.

The onetime Women's Champion may have been given a push to the top at TNA, because her current gimmick concentrates on looks and TNA's objective is to get her as the leader of The current TNA Team called The Beautiful People.

TNA may be making gestures to make Candice the top of the TNA Knockout Division. Michelle has always been known as a jobber for women and major showman for fans, as well as eye-candy.

She might just go to TNA following other current TNA stars Christian Cage, Rhino, Booker T., Kurt Angle, Team 3D, Christy Hemme, Gail Kim, etc.

Michelle has only been put in a stable situation in a similar team to what TNA has in the Beautiful People. She teamed with Torrie Wilson and Victoria, in which Michelle was the leader of the team with little success other than humiliating opponents who fight against her.

Candice might go to TNA to make it to the top and rival with Taylor Wilde, current Knockout Champion, and become Knockout Champion herself. If Michelle gets released or requests a leave from WWE, you can almost be sure the team of Beautiful People will be given a leader—most likely will be Candice Michelle.

It can happen soon, but once again it's just a rumor, one that will definitely help Candice Michelle's downward career and bring it upward.