Michael Phelps is truly amazing

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Michael Phelps is truly amazing
Michael Phelps is obviously loved by his mother. Phelps is loved by his nation. The truly amazing thing is - he is truly loved by big sisters.

Anyone with older siblings knows, they love you but they will never show it. Need to learn the metric system? John will patiently teach a brother half is age you but he will never reveal it's because he loves you. A boy five years older than you, is bothering you, Dennis will claim he beat him to a pulp for fun not because he loves you. Need a place to stay in Reno for the night and all the hotels are booked? Billy's couch is always there for you. Not because he loves you but because he didn't want Mom to worry.

I am sure growing up Michael Phelps' big sisters were the same. I am sure they barely tolerated the gangly kid brother who was always wet.

Then with the world watching and their little punk brother becoming immortal they let it slip. They let the world see they love Michael. When he won they cried. When they thought he lost they were obviously devastated for that split second, then over joyed as the wet little brother was proven to be victorious again.

They watched race after race. They watched medal ceremony after medal ceremony. Not once did they show a bored look. Not once did they show they would rather be any where else but Beijing.

They had the faces, not of intolerant big sisters but of proud older siblings. As he would walk towards the stand, flowers in hand, one more race run and won, they would hang over with their mother trying to get closer. Tears running down their very pretty faces.

Waiting to get that short hug.

The peck on the cheek.

Michael Phelps' big sisters love him and they don't care who knows it.

That is truly an Amazing thing.

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