Melis Peters Jr.Contributor IAugust 17, 2008

"WE SHALL OVERCOME" Should be the quote of the week around Valley Ranch this week after dropping the second pre season game to the Denver Broncos (23-13).The Romo and company was less than impressive and the Def.had there moments but clearly have allot of work to do.After last nights lost makes you wonder, What exactly goes on in training camp?Is it more for the rookies and players traded to the team?The reason I ask those question is because newly inquired MLB Zach Thomas performed very well for someone who is supposed to be on his way out at the age of 35 and rookie sensation Felix Jones had another great game.Off. coordinator J.Garret might want to rethink his backfield with a new Jones back there Barber coming in on third down or short yardage situations may just work thats my opinion.It is the pre-season and these are just controlled scrimmages so it is a learning process.Coach Phillips and his staff will get it together.