Chivas: What Was Expected To Be a Good Year, Turning Out To Be a Year to Forget?

Roberto MaciasContributor IOctober 7, 2010

Luis Michel shows the type of season Chivas has had
Luis Michel shows the type of season Chivas has had

What looked to be one of the best years for Chivas has turned out to be one of the worst. In the beginning of the year, Chivas went into the year winning eight games in a row and setting the record for most consecutive games won, in one season.

Javier Hernandez came out as the next young star scoring and impressive 11 goals in the season, which seven of those goals game in the first four games. Five players from Chivas where called up to the final roster for this year’s 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Chivas had a guaranteed spot in the final rounds of the Copa Libertadores cup. In that cup they reached the finals with a limited team, made up of young players and players made in the club.

Jorge Vergara promised and delivered a new stadium to its fans, El Estadio Omnilife which opened its first game with a 3-2 win over power club, Manchester United, same team that a couple of weeks earlier had landed the services of Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez. All this adding up to what seemed to be a great year for Chivas.

But then, it seemed everything fell apart. Besides from Javier Hernandez, none of the 5 players that were called up had a significant impact with Mexico in the World Cup. Chivas reached the Libertadores final, which then was humiliated by Internacional de Porto Alegre, in a home and away final, which both games were lost by Chivas.

Stadium attendance to the new stadium was really low, and fans don’t seem to be showing up any time soon. Adding to all this, it is now halfway through the season and Chivas has only managed to win two games out of 10 possible.

Chivas has lost that spark and attack that they had in the beginning of last season. From most of the games this season, Chivas have seemed to dominate their games, but fail to put it in the net. Chivas has lacked the center forward, the “No. 9” that every team needs.

Javier Hernandez is far gone, and not coming back, but many Chivas fans miss “Chicharitos” goals. He was the final piece of the puzzle, and now it seems Jose Luis Real can’t find his “No. 9.”

Omar Bravo has been on a constant rollercoaster in his level of play. One game he gives a decent performance, while on another he is nowhere to be seen on the field. Adolfo Bautista, which is considered the playmaker of the team, seems too slow for the pace Chivas is used to play.

Omar Arellano, takes on all the defenders in the league, but seems that his last touch is out of place and never ends up doing the correct decision. Alberto Medina, recently back from injury has not been able to retain his form and has lacked intensity up in attack.

Michel Vasquez, a young promising player, has stayed at that, a promise of a good player which yet has not shown anything special.

At times, Jose Luis Real seems to just add players up top and see what they can do. There have been times where it seems that he gets desperate and puts four to five attacking players and hopes to get a goal. Jorge Vergara, the owner of Chivas has a very short temper with coaches.

It is possibly the last season for Jose Luis Real, his tactic on the field seems to be lost, and game after game no signs of improvement have shown. A team with the caliber of Chivas needs to be in the top of the league, and competitive team that will take on any team, but recently the team has played at a very low level and shows no advances in its game.

What does Chivas need? Many ask for new players, new players that with experience that will help the team. Others ask even for a new coach, a coach with more experience. But new players and new coach requires money invested to the team, which currently it seems more money has been invested on a stadium and the team and its fans have been put on a “to do list.”