Aaron Rodgers: Why He Will Never Be a "Success" In Green Bay

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Aaron Rodgers: Why He Will Never Be a

Aaron Rodgers is not Brett Favre. No one in Green Bay will live up to Favre, unless someone even more amazing becomes a Packer quarterback.

Aaron Rodgers is a good quarterback, no doubt, but he's not Mr. Iron man. The former California Golden Bear won't live up to Favre's success in Green Bay. The critics, analysts, and media members will always be putting Aaron on the "Favre-o-meter."

While I honestly believe that Rodgers is a good quarterback, the media pressure will never let up on him while he's in Green Bay. His performance doesn't matter, he's not Brett Favre.

As a result, the Packers will struggle. The face of their franchise is gone and there's not going to be a face for the Pack this year. This is what you might call a "proving year" for Green Bay.

Rodgers' success relies on his abilities to handle pressure. This year, I don't see that happening. I believe we'll see a lot from him like we saw from Tarvaris Jackson in his first year starting with the Vikings: A lot of mistakes along with some signs of hope.


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