So Captain Fangallic is Down

Brad SimkuletSenior Analyst IAugust 21, 2007

I'm a bit bitter about William Gallas being our captain, and he's going to have to seriously win me over. I wanted gilberto (or Freddie before he decided to go hang out in the championship next year), and I would have been okay with mad Jens (but now I am glad the armband didn't go that way) or Cesc, who, while young, has the right stuff. Or kolo toure, who is arsenal through and through.

But not Gallas.

I don't hate him, and I rate him highly as a player, but he is a pain in the ass, a thorn in the side of unity—and the illogic of his past statements that we don't sign enough great players to show our "ambition" continues to stick in my craw.

What the fuck are you, Billy boy? I was under the impression you were the great player that showed our ambition.

And now our illustrious capitain is down with a groin injury until october—probably.

At least the right man will be wearing the armband in october.