Let's Get Edgey Around Here: Smackdown and Bleacher Get Rated R

John KindelanAnalyst IIIOctober 7, 2010

Week after week the Rated R Superstar Edge has played a key role in the WWE Universe, on both Monday Night Raw and even recently on Smackdown. His Awesomeness cannot be contained to one show, and yet week after week we see article after article on Daniel Bryan, Cena, The Miz and such where is the love for our Ultimate Opportunist.

Well I'm bringing it, the Canadian born Adam Copeland aka Edge, aka Conquistidor Uno, aka Sexton Hardcastle (my personal favorite) has been stealing the screen on WWE telelvision since 1998. A brief singles career followed by being paired with his long time friend and once on screen brother Christian to form one of the greatest tag teams of all time. After a series of injuries he returned to pit himself not only as a singles competitor but as a main event player, and he's been there ever since.

If your not familiar with the history of Edge I recommend two things, one - the EDGE DVD box set Edge A Decade of Decadence and his book Adam Copeland on Edge. The DVD set is an amazing highlight of his career from September 1998 with a match against Owen Hart to the Hell in a Cell match August 17,2008 against the Undertaker. The book chronicles his days as a youth and why he got into wrestling, its a perfect representation of him, its funny, entertaining and fast, its not the biggest book on your shelf but it gives a good insight to the man that is Edge.

These past three weeks have been building up to something big for our Rated R Superstar.

On the 9/20/2010 episode of Monday Night Raw we had Edge facing Daniel Bryan in a great back and forth match between him and the latest WWE superstar. The match ended with Edge getting the victory over the American Dragon, however the results were over turned by the mysterious General Manager. The GM claimed that due to The Miz's interference in the match that Edge did not deserve the win. However we have seen worse issues of outside interference where no results were over turned. If this was a case of Miz striking Bryan with the MIB briefcase and then Edge took the pin, I might agree, but a spear was delivered and then the pin. Edge earned that win and was indeed being messed with by the GM.

On the 9/27/2010 episode of Monday Night Raw, Edge brought the GM on his talk show segment The Cutting Edge. He pro ceded to interview a laptop that had been fully equipped with a Speak and Spell voice, and acknowledged the stupidity that Raw had gone from Stone Cold stunning Mr. McMahon to Edge debating with a laptop. The interview seemed odd and some have bashed it on other sites stating that this was the point in where they changed the channel, but that is where they lack the ability to see his Awesomeness. The battle of wits between Edge and a PC was far more entertaining than any Ted Dibiase segment. His interview was also then followed by a match between Edge and one of his greatest feud partners John Cena. Edge was able to hit a Spear on Cena and get a three count, and while the ref did not see it Cena's foot happened to be under the ropes. Because of this our robot GM started the match over and Cena came back and got the victory. Driving Edge mad because of the constant interference he ended up attacking the laptop and destroying it in front of the announce table.

Now we watch the plot thicken, Edge arrives on the premiere of Smackdown on SyFy to call out Jack Swagger and let him know how stupid he is, how stupid his mascot is, and yes, we get to see Edge spear a Eagle mascot, fantastic.


This moves on to Hell in the Cell ppv, no match scheduled for Edge but that's not going to stop the ultimate oppurtunist. He comes out to shut up Alberto Del Rios point out how stupid his scarf is and his creepy eye wink. But rather than get Edge vs. Alberto we get Edge vs. Swagger and this match while it seemed out of place in how it came about on a PPV, was definitely PPV quality.

Back to Monday Night Raw and this past week 10/4/10 the story plays out and we see Edge has been traded back to Smackdown. We learn that Michael Cole has become the voice of the WWE but, while unofficial, Edge is the voice of the WWE fan. He is on a personal campaign to rid the WWE of stupidity,  he tells Michael Cole how dumb his catch phrase is and he threatens to spear him off his little podium. Enter the Miz; Miz comes in to save Cole and speak on Michael Cole being a visionary for seeing The Miz for being so great before so many other people did.

The back and forth that then takes place between Edge and Miz was great, and Edge continued to be the voice of the WWE fans calling Miz out on being an 'Edge Wanna Be'. "One word name - Check. Wear a trench coat to the ring for matches - check. Money in the Bank winner - Check.I was using the word Awesome-ness when you were still popping zits in High School!" (On a personal note, if you read my article on What we learned from Daniel Bryan's Win and proceeded to shoot me a know it all comment because I SAID: "WHEN DID THE MIZ STEAL EDGE'S COAT" I'd like to extend a personal thank you to Edge and retort to those who didn't get the sarcasm 'bite me')

Now this all seems to be building up to the obvious Team Raw lead by Miz vs. Team Smackdown lead by Edge. However if you read some of the spoilers out there we know that there is already a leader of Team Smackdown, but that very well could change. Either way it looks like we are taking the two great speakers and mouths putting them on different shows and building up this ppv to be a great one.

Consider this the first in a series of Edge related articles to come.