Chris Benoit Movie: Good or Bad Idea?

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IOctober 6, 2010

Pro has reported that Lost Colony Entertainment has purchased the TV and film rights to adapt the "Chris and Nancy" book by Irv Muchnick, based on the Benoit family tragedy. This means that Lost Colony has the rights to develop and sell the property or raise money to produce the movie on their own.

Now if this is true the question is: Is this really a good idea? This is a very controversial topic for many wrestling fans. On just about every topic about Benoit there are those split in half. One side says he is a d-bag for doing what he did while the other says no matter what he did he was a terrific wrestler.  Now, I am not gonna say what side I'm on because I don't want that other half throwing the good or bad about it to me.

I will, however, say that if anybody deserves a movie about them, and I think most will agree, it is Eddie Guerrero. Not saying I absolutely hate Benoit, I just think Eddie deserves one more.

So BR community, Do you think a Benoit movie is a good thing and would you go see it?