The Next Theirry Henry or Jermaine Jenas?

Brad SimkuletSenior Analyst IAugust 30, 2007

I am thinking the latter.

One good pass does not a good player or a good game make. I have actually seen Jermaine Jenas score a good goal on occasion, but it doesn't change the fact that the rest of his game is basically crap. And that's what we got from Theo Walcott against Sparta Prague: one good cutback that Tomas Rosicky buried—then nothing.

The rest of the game saw Theo bullied off the ball, saw him driving crosses way too deep or into the stands, making pissy little challenges, and basically out-Jenasing Jermaine. It is a sorry statement on Theo's game that he is third choice Right Midfielder behind Hleb and Eboue (who just found himself moved up the pitch). I am not impressed. And the fact that this boy, whom Wenger dubbed the "next-Henry," only has one fucking goal (albeit against Chelski) in his entire Arsenal career is truly shabby. I don't see great things. I see five year deals and us foolishly hanging onto him in the hope that he'll come good. But, hey, he gives us an Englishman in the side for Champion's League, so that's gotta be good. Right?

Pissing on Theo aside...there some bright spots against Sparta Prague: 1. v Persie is looking more and more like an angry Dutch version of Alan Shearer (I just hope the refs start ignoring his thuggery like they did Al's. Sorry Gio, I know you hated old Al, but I love having a player with his passion and aggression on my team) 2. Fabregas continues to get better and better in the midfield, and the absence of Henry is turning him into a goal scorer (if le Scowl had been around Cesc would have passed and never scored that goal) 3. Eduardo scored a beautiful flying to poke...and he worked his ass off all night. He's going to be the real thing I think. Way better signing than Baptista (whom I still love in spite of myself).

P.S. I am not one of those fools who will try to convince you that Hleb is a great footballer, but he is our new Cygan, and it is awfully hard not to love the guy. He may blow at times, but I can always tell he's giving it his all. Plus, you gotta love his greasy hair. You just know he's listening to Duran Duran and wearing cut-off jean shorts while watching his woman wax his car on the weekend.