Heel Fans: Why The Pro Wrestling Industry Needs Us

Billykidd MannContributor IOctober 6, 2010

So my friend Mark brought to my attention a segment of a Chris Jericho interview that he watched to where Y2J says that it makes him angry when he hears fans cheering for the heel. While I hope that its just his in character answer something tells me that it's not.

I've had a first hand experience with this situation when I took a trip to Lubbock TX, for a recent Smackdown house show. After I got in the building I bought a Nexus shirt before the event started. As I was wearing my newly purchased shirt, waiting for the event to start this little kid, covered head to toe in Cena merchandise, comes up to me and gives me the 'You Can't See Me' hand wave thing, I just point to the N on my chest and smile as he leaves with his father into the sea of people. I found the whole situation funny because it made me feel like the bad guy.

I was about 3 rows from the ring and it seems like my group in general was getting a lot of interaction with the superstars for some reason. For example during the beginning of the show Layla comes out and my friends and I love LayCool so we cheered for her. I was a bit surprised when she screamed back at us at the very top of her lungs "DONT CHEER FOR ME!!!!" Another example was when CM Punk came out for his match with MVP he saw my group in particular, crossing our arms, bowing and raising our right hand, pledging allegiance to straight edge. He screamed something at us, with an angry look on his face, that we weren't sincere or real I couldn't actually hear his exact words. The only heels that embraced the cheers was the Nexus group of Michal Tarver, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater, who all seemed ecstatic to have fans which I was very appreciative of. Which makes me think, either certain guys are staying in character trying to make us angry or they really dislike being cheered under their heel character.

If you think about it though we are just as effective to other fans as they are. The people in front of us we're getting extremely angry as they cheered for MVP and we followed up with a SUCKS!!!! So in turn it made them cheer 1 million times harder for him, trying to drown us out. I always come back from those house shows, having pissed some drunk off in front of me, after I just cheered like a wild man for someone like The Miz. For instance, while I was wearing my Nexus T-Shirt, a guy in the parking lot of my college yells the question "hey did John Cena join the nexus???" I laughed at him saying yes he sure did which made him a bit angry so I guess you could say that I worked his emotions a bit as all the great heels do.

Don't get me wrong I like some face guys and I don't deliberately try to cheer for the heel and be a "rebel" its just more fun to go against everyone else. If you don't believe me try it before you start chalking me up to being just some smark. Really its an amazingly fun experience to get everyone's reactions towards you especially when your there in person.

Oh and if you're wondering why I am speaking specifically about WWE and not TNA its because in the impact zone it seems as if its normal to cheer almost everyone and everything.

I believe that the wrestling industry needs guys like us but what do you think? If your a fan of a face, does it make you want to cheer louder for your guy when someone else is cheering the "bad guy" and if you are cheering for that baddie than do you get a lot of crap for it. Leave a response and I hope you enjoyed my first article and if so there are many more to come

Also if you wanted to watch that big of the Y2J interview I spoke of here's the link. Thank You