ROH's Austin Aries Gone from the Company: A WWE Debut Soon?

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIOctober 6, 2010

Reports have recently surfaced that ROH's Austin Aries is no longer under an ROH contract. A few days ago, there was word that he had been written out of storylines along with the Dark City Fight Club and Necro Butcher.

It was thought when he was written out that he'd be taking a break. The same would be true for all who were written out. But, all the rest of the people written out are with ROH still, Aries is the only one not under contract as of now.

I received word months ago that Aries went to the WWE for a try out, which didn't pan out because of a health issue he had. That is false according to Aries himself, therefore, I choose to believe it. However, he may contact them from what I've been told. And really, why not?

Basically, when you go to the WWE to be signed, they do a health screening first. If you pass that, they work you out to see what, if anything, they could do with you. Sometimes they work you out a small bit first, more so if it's a big try out with many people involved, then, they shave the field down and have you come back to do health screenings, more work outs, and what not.

The WWE would have one heck of a performer in Aries. I have been a fan of this guy for some time now and he would be the perfect fit for the WWE's current direction.

From what I've heard, Aries doesn't have a drug issue. He is a normal sized guy who anyone could model themselves after and know they could be like if they spent time to work out. It's different with guys like John Cena and Batista.

They are so big and muscular that they look like Superheroes, not something you could say to yourself that you could easily be if you tried, not the case with Aries however.

Aries has the body, like I mentioned. But, he also has terrific mic skills.

The man could be considered the best mic worker on the Indy scene today. If anyone would like to argue, please try and I'll show you clips of Aries that would beat anyone currently on the Indy scene.

Then, we forget this, but Aries does have some of the best wrestling skills on the Indy scene too. It's hard to find many better than him right now. So, if the WWE wanted to get a guy who would do well for them, into the business, Aries should be number one on that list.

The one thing any company who signs him needs to worry about is this, his attitude.

He is pretty much out of ever going to TNA because of it. And while some would think he and TNA parted ways for crazy reasons, I think Aries was smarter in not staying there when he would be better used in ROH.

Especially looking at where he would be now if he would have stayed. He may have been buried bad, along with some other very talented guys.

So, staying on the Indy scene worked out for him. And, he could end up going to a place who would probably use him well in the WWE.

Some say that the WWE doesn't treat former Indy stars well, but, Bryan Danielson(Daniel Bryan) is now US Champion and Low Ki(Kaval) won NXT Season 2 and will be moving up soon with the SmackDown brand.

Tyler Black recently signed with the WWE, so, we can't judge how well he will do just yet with the WWE.

In any case, there is proof there if you go to the WWE and have talent, you will do well.

People forget, most of the people you see in the WWE right now, such as The Miz, John Cena, CM Punk, etc. had plenty of Indy experience.

John Cena was known as The Prototype on the Indy scene. Punk was a big time ROH guy and went all over the world aswell. And Miz went to Indy places all over the US for about 5 years.

So, looking at all three of these men, Indy guys do well. The thing is, Aries, Danielson, and Low Ki were some of the best on the Indy scene and had a ton of Internet follwers, unlike Cena and Miz.


Punk had some of the Internet guys following, but, he signed with the WWE before that got big for people.

Now, the Internet following for Indy guys has become very big.

Aries obviously has a fan base, just like Danielson and Low Ki before him. So, there is a huge chance the WWE would sign him.

Now, there is a chance he could sign back with ROH, but a WWE run would be highly likely.

I guess we'll see. But, would you want to see Austin Aries in the WWE?