LSU-Florida: Tigers' Keys to Victory

Brett StephenAnalyst IIOctober 6, 2010

BATON ROUGE, LA - NOVEMBER 14:  Quarterback Jarrett Lee #12 of the LSU Tigers looks to pass the ball against the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs at Tiger Stadium on November 14, 2009 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
Chris Graythen/Getty Images

The LSU Tigers will take their offensive struggles into Ben Hill Griffen Stadium, also known as “The Swamp”, this Saturday to take on a Florida Gator team that is coming off of a tough defeat to the defending national champion Alabama Crimson Tide.

In any other season, the Tigers would have no chance in this matchup, but the Gators of 2010 are not the Gators of old, and with a dominant LSU defense, this game is still winnable for the Tigers.

There are a few keys to the Tigers pulling this one out, and none of them are easy tasks, but if the Tigers perform up to their potential, they can leave Gainesville Saturday night 6-0.


Limit John Brantley

Alabama demonstrated this last week, and it needs to be the blueprint for LSU’s defense as they prepare for Saturday night’s match up.  The Gator offense starts with Brantley, and if he is taken out of the equation, they just don’t function effectively. 

The key will be for the Tiger defense to keep everything in front of them.  If they can keep Brantley’s per completion average to less than eight yards by keeping receivers in front of them and not allowing yards after the catch, the Tigers will walk away with this one.


Points from Defense/Special Teams

With a stagnant offense, LSU needs to find ways to get points on the board on defense and/or special teams. 

This, obviously, starts with Patrick Peterson.  

If the defense can keep everything in front of them, Brantley will eventually try to force passes down field which plays to LSU’s strength, and if the defense can do their job and force some punts, eventually Peterson will break one.


Lee over Jefferson

As bad as Jarrett Lee performed two years ago as the starter, he played well last week versus Tennessee, and for the first time all season, the LSU offense moved the chains. 

An unfortunate play call and an under-thrown ball led to one interception, but aside from that, Lee did a serviceable job.  If head coach Les Miles puts the ball in Lee’s hands and shows confidence by not pulling him in key situations, the Tiger offense will be good enough to beat the Gators. 

Unfortunately, Miles has shown nothing that indicates that he will keep Jordan Jefferson on the sideline despite his severe struggles this season, so the Tigers’ chances of winning this game may be compromised by poor coaching… AGAIN.