An Absurdly Premature Playoffs Prediction For The Houston Texans

The Paper TexanCorrespondent IOctober 6, 2010

The Paper Texan wrote this Summer that Houston Texans fans could expect a 7-1 start that would then be met with some pretty tough sledding.  That rough patch would come in the form of a 2-5 stretch before winning their final game of the regular season at home against Jacksonville for a franchise best 10-6 record and Wild-Card Playoff Berth. Of course that first half prediction was based on beating Dallas week #3, but hey, I'm the Paper Texan...not the Paper Perfect!

I'm thinking that 2nd half of the season tough sledding of 2-5 looks as likely to be 4-3 with a split against consecutive road opponents Jags (W) and Jets (L) and a couple of victories as they host the Titans (W) and are rude guests in Philly(W) before a couple of losses at home to Baltimore (L) and at Tennessee (L) preceding a win at Denver (W).

It's those two consecutive losses late in the season that worry me much more about the fans than the team itself. It will mean they have to go at least 3 weeks without their team winning...and that's presuming things go right late in the season at likely snowy Invesco Field. That's the new definition of dry-spell for this team. Nice, isn't it?!!

So, when you're suffering the trials and tribulations of 3 weeks passing between victories, try to remember the kind of September we had...and gear up for some Post-Season Football with maybe even a home playoff game as a result of, dare I say it, an 11-5 record!