Randall Cobb: His True Feelings About Kentucky's Performance

Nation of BlueContributor IOctober 29, 2016

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Two in a row, and both games that define the season so far for Kentucky. A 48-14 thrashing in the Swamp against hated Florida and a 42-35 loss against an Ole Miss that lost to Jacksonville State and Vanderbilt, both at home.

Saturdays loss against Ole Miss, upset Kentucky's Randall Cobb so much that he skipped the post-game media session.

"I'm pissed off," Cobb said. "I'm practicing pissed off and I'm going to play pissed off this week. I'm sick of losing. We've lost two straight, and I'm going to motivate my teammates however I can this week for them to play with a pissed-off attitude."

When it comes to criticism, Cobb had the following to say:

"That's part of life," Cobb said. "You're not always going to get praise. You're going to get your feelings hurt. You've got to be a man, take it, and change, or we'll find somebody else to replace you."

Randall reflects the feelings of a Big Blue Nation who is desperate to take the next step, and a program that is beginning to understand what it takes to take that step.

The first Music City Bowl was a major accomplishment, but that's as far as the program has developed. Joker is determined to take it to the next level and no excuses leadership from teammates like Cobb is a major part of that process.

Go Cats!!!