madness and other things

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madness and other things
so jose moanihno is out the door at stamford bridge. or so the reports are saying. who knows how much was jose being pissy and how much was roman giving him few options but to walk out the door. suffice to say that chelski are going to have a rocky road for the next little while. i see either sevilla's ramos or russia's guus hiddink jumping on board.

but wait for it...i also see jose going right back to work just across town -- at hotspurs. wouldn't that be something?

this is where i believe mourihno's talent lies. he is great at making less than stellar teams great, and given the raw material at spurs and the money they have, i can see him taking the reigns and winning one serious trophy this season and building on it in years to come.

as an arsenal fan i would hate to see it because i don't want anything good for our rivals. as a football fan it would make for fascinating football. derby's between arsenal and spurs would be tougher and more impressive, but the blues and spurs would suddenly have a derby to speak of.

i dunno. gut feeling, and i'll probably be wrong, but something tells me that jose is not through with the premiership just yet.

meanwhile, cesc fabregas and the gunners kicked some ass against one of europe's best. and that game against sevilla today had to be the best games i have seen in ages. end to end attacking, amazing passing, just two great teams going for it, but it was arsenal who got two great goals and one lampard-esque deflection from cesc to win the game 3-0. life is so good when arsenal are playing like this. i pity poor derby county this weekend.

please let us stay healthy, and please let us keep our confidence up.

i have heard praise for manu, sagna and cesc -- all of whom played excellent -- but praise to for alexandre hleb. he reminded me of pires in there today. when he is playing well he is one hell of a player, and this is the most consistent i have ever seen him. and v. persie got a goal. nice! i can't wait until matchday two.

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