Jaime Edmondson: Power Ranking Her Sexiest NFL Photos

Drake Oz@drakeozbrSenior Writer IIOctober 6, 2010

Jaime Edmondson: Power Ranking Her Sexiest NFL Photos

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    Jaime Faith Edmondson is living proof that there are incredibly hot redheads out there in the world.

    Sure, it may not be her natural hair color, but what girl out there hasn't changed her hair color?

    The sultry redhead and former Miami Dolphins cheerleader has done all guys a favor by modeling the new line of Victoria's Secret's NFL fashions.

    If your team isn't a playoff contender, don't expect them to show up in this slideshow. In the photo shoot for The Smoking Jacket, Edmundson only wears the gear of popular preseason playoff picks.

    Sorry Detroit, Buffalo, and Cleveland

    Here they are for your viewing pleasure, the top 25 reasons why football benefits everyone.

25. San Diego Chargers

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    The Chargers have disappointed their fans with a 0-2 start, but there is absolutely nothing disappointing about this picture.

24. Baltimore Ravens

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    I really wonder what Jaime is thinking about in this picture.

    Nevermind. It doesn't even matter.

23. Atlanta Falcons

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    I'm from New Orleans, so naturally I'm a Saints fan.

    And I'll be honest. The only reason this is No. 23 is because the Falcons beat the Saints two weeks ago.

22. San Francisco 49ers

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    San Francisco head coach Mike Singletary always seems like he's a no nonsense, no fun type of guy.

    I think someone should show him this picture to loosen him up a bit.

21. New England Patriots

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    I know this really has nothing to with anything, but who wears No. 60 for the Patriots?

    Whoever it is, I'm sure Jaime wears it a lot better.

20. New Orleans Saints

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    With all due respect to Drew Brees, Reggie Bush, and the rest of my hometown team, I'd take Jaime over the Saints any day of the week.

    Relax. You still won the Super Bowl.

19. New England Patrios

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    Tom Brady has had his fair share of women, but you're kidding yourselves if you don't think she would rank up there as one of the hottest.

    She might not look as good as Gisele, but let's be honest. Not many women do.

18. New York Jets

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    As a former Dolphins cheerleader, I'm sure it pained Jaime to wear Jets gear.

    I'm glad she took one for the team.

17. Indianapolis Colts

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    Am I going to completely disregard the fact that Jaime is doing a photo shoot for NFL gear, but is wearing baseball socks.

    Yes, I am. And so should you.

16. Minnesota Vikings

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    What are the chances that she actually caught that ball on the way down?

15. New Orleans Saints

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    Remember, kids. Stretching is important.

    Yes, I doubt that is actually what she's doing. But stretching is important.

14. Houston Texans

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    Didn't they used to do that bunny ears thing to the nerdy kids in grammar school?

    I doubt that happened very often to Jaime.

13. San Diego Chargers

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    If you're thinking that this picture is nothing more than a full body shot of No. 25, you are absolutely correct.

12. Green Bay Packers

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    Quick! Who plays quarterback for the Packers?

    No, not Brett Favre. I wonder why you're so distracted.

11. Minnesota Vikings

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    With the recent acquisition of Randy Moss, this might not be the only rankings this year where you find the Vikings ahead of the Packers.

10. Atlanta Falcons

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    I was probably a little harsh ranking the last Falcons picture so low, but I was still a bit upset about the way they manhandled my favorite team.

    I am now over it.

9. San Diego Chargers

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    If I show this picture to Philip Rivers before every game for the rest of the season, do you think he can actually pull off a fourth quarter comeback for once?

8. San Francisco 49ers

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    I have it on good authority that Mike Singletary in fact did not loosen up after viewing the first 49ers picture on this slideshow.

    Will this one do the trick?

7. Indianapolis Colts

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    Jaime looks kinda pissed off in this picture, and it's probably because she realized one of two things.

    One, she is still wearing baseball socks. Or two, the Colts just lost to the Jaguars.

6. Houston Texans

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    Texans fans can only hope that Jamie is a psychic, and is picturing the Houston Texans shocking the world by winning the Super Bowl in Cowboys Stadium.

5. Green Bay Packers

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    Jaime looks pretty happy in this picture.

    She might be the only person in Packers gear with a smile on her face if Green Bay doesn't find someone who can run the football.

4. Dallas Cowboys

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    Speaking of teams who can't run the football, maybe Jaime can use her two tools of persuasion to convince anyone on the Cowboys coaching staff to throw in a little run every once in a while.

3. New York Jets

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    Imagine Jets head coach Rex Ryan wearing this same exact outfit.

    Man, I just ruined it for you, didn't I?

2. Baltimore Ravens

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    The Ravens look like they might be a top-two team in football, and this is most certainly a top-two picture.

1. Dallas Cowboys

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    I can't tell you how much it pains me to put the Dallas Cowboys at the top of any rankings, even if they deserve it.

    There is just no possible way I could put this as anything but No. 1 on this list.