Liverpool Takeover Immenent Should We Be Worried Another American Is Onway ?

stuart douchContributor IOctober 6, 2010

The Kop Let Their Feelings Know
The Kop Let Their Feelings KnowClive Brunskill/Getty Images

As Liverpool supporter, the media's intrigue that J W Henry ,the new businessman who is set to take over at the helm of the club is another American, is pretty scandalous !

I think this is quite absurd as if the George Gillett and Tom Hicks had been English we wouldn't be saying that we would not want the new owners to be English !

What the club needs is a buyer who will take control of the new stadium , push us back into the top four by investing money into the squad and putting the club back on the road to recovery.

I do think Gillett and Hicks are a disgrace in trying to put a stop to this purchase as they have bought nothing but misery into the club.

J W Henry needs to listen to the supporters who will give him a chance if he can prove he will bring Liverpool into the league of Manchester United on and off the pitch.

We need the new ground , we need the injection of cash into the squad.

In my opinion J W Henry can be black, white, purple , pink, American, English , Chinese or Martian! , as long as they are a successful businessmen with the knowledge and back up of being able to put things right at the club.

Let's hope the Premier League do their job properly tough in the due diligence that they failed to make sure was done correctly, I do not the club would be in the mess it was in if this had been done.