A Good Weekend

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A Good Weekend

HAHAHAHA! Not only did the Spuds get beat at home, they got beat by Arsenal-lite. I love Muamba, Djorou and Seb. What a beautiful weekend this has been (apart from Hleb's achilles injury).

On a more serious note, however, is anyone else thinking that the crappiness of Spurs has nothing to do with the management? The only player who shows up every game is Robbie Keane (who I actually find myself liking because of his tenacity). No one else gives it even 50%. Managers can only do so much with that sort of commitment. Silly Ramos should have stayed in Seville where the players give a shit, and Martin Jol is lucky to have escaped. Maybe McClaren, whose shown how good he is at motivating excellent players to give their all (wink, wink), should be next in line for Spurs manager.

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