Michael Phelps Is Good, Team Great Britain Delivers the Best

Alex GuestContributor IAugust 17, 2008

Michael Phelps' achievement is pretty awesome. Yes, it's amazing. Nevertheless, it'll come as a surprise to many Americans out there that it's just a footnote in the media over here in the UK.

We think it's splendid and all that. Of course.

We'd care much more, however, if he hadn't done it, if he'd blown it, and with it any chance at all of the US contending with this amazing Chinese Olympic team.

So while the US is celebrating Phelps, we're celebrating a whole clutch of Olympians who have this weekend taken this tiny nation across the pond to third place in the gold medal table.

We're celebrating Ben Ainslie, the first Brit to get three golds in sailing in three successive Olympiads; and the trio of girls in the Yngling class getting their second gold.

We're cheering for Chris Hoy and the rest of the men's track cycling team, with their clutch of gold medals and world records.

Then there's Rebecca Romero, who got silver in rowing at the Athens games and this morning collected a gold from the cycling track.

Not least among our champions is 19-year-old Rebecca Adlington, double gold medallist and world record holder in the swimming pool.

So Michael Phelps, we recognise your achievement. You're a great athlete and we're amazed by how much you can eat.

We care more about our first Olympic medal in gymnastics for 100 years, even if it is just a bronze.