No Admiral Ackbar for Ole Miss

Sean MartinCorrespondent IOctober 6, 2010

Those ESPN commercials we have seen showcasing Admiral Ackbar as a possible new mascot for Ole Miss can officially be put to rest.

That’s not to say they weren’t enjoyed. Personally, I thought they were comical. Hell, for a split second I thought it was genuine.

But today voting has started on Mississippi’s campus for a new mascot. The selection has been dwindled to three finalists, which are examined in a 25-page PDF file. No, I did not make that up.

First, we have The Rebel Land Shark, an idea born from a former student athlete, Tony Fein.

Second, we have The Rebel Black Bear. The selection committee’s reasoning for including the Black Bear stated that “[it] can be fierce and intimidating, but would also appeal to children.”

Lastly, we have Hotty Toddy, which I’m still trying to understand myself.

So, where do you stand? If you do not have a preference, I don’t blame you. I think they should have stuck with Admiral Ackbar.