Randy Moss To The Vikings: Why It Makes Sense To The Patriots

Pete WilliamsCorrespondent IOctober 6, 2010

Randy Moss To The Vikings: Why It Makes Sense To The Patriots

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    I'm NOT going to argue that Randy Moss won't be missed in the Patriots offense - and he certainly leaves a great legacy behind if he is traded to the Vikings (now 99% certain according to NFL.com)

    I think that the trading of Moss is part of a strategic decision of planning for the future.

The Strategy: Rebuilding

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    I think that The Patriots made the decision to use the 2010 season as a rebuilding season.

    • Belichick took over the reigns and now has complete control.
    • They added lots of new talent
    • They gave a lot of responsibility to a lot of young guys
    • Rookies are stepping right in
    • 2nd and 3rd year players are asked to step it up.
    • They have only handed out new contracts to players who are absolutely necessary for the future.

    I also think that the Patriots have been surprised by how well they have played, so far, and a trip to the playoffs will be regarded as an unexpected bonus.

Randy Moss Is Not The Future

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    We all know that Randy Moss isn't a player for the future and with the possible cancellation of the 2011 season his value drops even further.

    And since the Patriot aren't playing a must win season - Moss is expendable for the players who are going to be part of the future of the Patriots.

    We all know that Randy Moss wants that contract extension and having an unsatisfied Randy Moss in the locker room could very well be bad business for the organization. Moss airing his dissatisfaction in the media just underlined the fact that he had to go.

    And when that decision was made it was just a question of making the most of it.

Cashing in

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    This season is the last shot in a while for the Vikings to have a shot at going to the Super Bowl.

    This is a must win season .... and they need Randy Moss, Favre needs him and Moss is the perfect fit.

    This is the perfect situation for the Patriots to get the maximum value out of a trade - and the Vikings knows it.

    A 3rd round pick would fit nicely thank you.

    The Chargers probably wanted more for Vincent Jackson and that trade attempt sets the standard for Moss.

The Patriots Options

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    The Patriots could try and replace (replace is not really a good word) Moss with Brandon Tate or Taylor Price, they both have great potential to stretch the field - but of course they aren't Randy Moss.

    The Patriots could also try and replace (and now its a better word) by trading for Vincent Jackson. They probably know the offers that were made - and The Patriots certainly has enough draft picks to make the deal happen, with out sacrificing the team philosophy of building through the draft.

Nobody Is Bigger Than The Team

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    This is how the Patriots do business. Don't go to the media, and if you don't want to be here - then you must move on.

    I think its a great way to handle the situation. Yes Moss wasn't satisfied, but going to the Vikings where he is still widely loved - to end his career - does it really get any better. And oh yeah - he is going to be an important piece in the Vikings quite legitimate bid for the Super Bowl. He just needs to land that new contract.

    And all of those young Patriot receivers they must be clapping their hands .... 

Concluding Remarks: Everybody Is a Winner, Almost

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    Randy Moss, hopefully gets his extension

    The Vikings get a chance to go to the Super Bowl

    Brett Favre gets himself a big target.

    The Patriots get a nice draft pick - and get and end to a possible problem

    Well I guess the fans might be the losers  - because they don't get to see Randy Moss's magic in a Patriots uniform anymore.

    Yeah and Tom Brady losing that deep threat

    and .. oh well the rest of the receivers that are going to feel a lot more heat as the deep threat is gone....

    Unless the tale of what happened to the Dolphins is the new standard for the Patriots....

    I just can't wait to see more Belichick magic - whats up with that Mankins guy, what are you going to get for him ...  ??!?!?