College Football Week 6: Kicking Butt and Taking Names Weekend

Tim McGheeCorrespondent IIIOctober 6, 2010

The hunt for the BCS Coaches' Trophy continues this weekend.
The hunt for the BCS Coaches' Trophy continues this weekend.Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

"Kicking butt and taking names" is, according to Urban Dictionary, a description of what one does when one has multiple successes in succession.  One I read was, "Aunt Sally sure was kicking butt and taking names at Catholic bingo last night."

It also has an implied military meaning, which is what the sergeant does when he finds too many enlisted personnel screwing off or screwing up.

Too many teams have early losses or have been early disappointments in the polls.  Others are surprises on the upside, but have been poll climbing without a net.

Here is a list of games of butt kicking interest with the rankings from USA Today coaches' poll. 

Note: "Advantage" does not necessarily mean the team is a favorite.  It does mean the team with the advantage carries more positives into the game, positives that can be overcome.

No. 16 Michigan State at No. 17 Michigan

Mark Dantonio is recovering from his heart attack.  Rich Rodriguez is a heart attack waiting to happen.  Either way, this game is a huge rivalry with the added feature of the "Battle of Which Team Will Beat Iowa First."

Advantage: Michigan State


No. 13 Arkansas vs. Texas A&M, in Jerry World at Arlington, Texas

The Razorbacks are desperate to prove they're back in the BCS hunt with the Aggies as the foil.  Arkansas is the highest ranking 3-1 team, demonstrating some respect from the coaches with this CV item.  Better be careful, though.  Bobby Petrino can't have his players looking ahead to the trip to Auburn.

Advantage: Arkansas


No. 6 Nebraska at No. 29 Kansas State

This Thursday night Battle of the Big XII North unbeatens could be a better game than the polls suggest.  K-State is the lowest ranked 4-0 team and will be fighting for respect.  The Cornhuskers just want to keep on rolling on, but must manage the Manhattan crowd.

Advantage: Kansas State


Nevada - Las Vegas (UNLV) at No. 28 West Virginia

The Mountaineers, as proven by their status as the lowest ranked 3-1 team, continue to get nailed by the coaches for setting up such meaningless games as with the Runnin' Rebels.  Recently named WVU Athletic Director Oliver Luck will upgrade the schedule, but until then it's just an embarrassment.

Advantage: West Virginia


Purdue at No. 25 Northwestern

The Wildcats from Evanston are the lowest ranked 5-0 team, as reflected by the status of vanquished opponents like Illinois State, Central Michigan, and hapless Minnesota.  Let's see if the Boilermakers let them shake out at 6-0.  "That's all right, that's okay!  we're going to be your boss someday!"

Advantage: Northwestern


Colorado State at No. 27 Air Force

The Falcons are the lowest ranked 4-1 team in the coaches' poll, with the sole loss to Oklahoma in Norman.  That's not bad.  Air Force's immediate goal is to take Colorado State down hard in preparation for TCU and Utah later this month.

Advantage: Air Force.

Toledo at No. 4 Boise State

The Broncos are the odds on favorites to receive the Aunt Sally Trophy, awarded to the team that plays with the most punitive anger.  With his team falling to the relatively insignificant No. 4 slot, Chris Peterson cannot be blamed if he whipped his men into a frothing frenzy.

Advantage: Boise State

No. 24 Florida State at No. 14 Miami

Remember the 90's?  Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky, and Winona Ryder before the arrest?  Well, Week 6 is retro week in the Sunshine State.  Wide Rights I, II, and III, Wide Left, and the Seminoles' five-game pre-Y2K domination are coming back as this Atlantic Coast Conference rivalry is once again relevant.

Advantage: Miami


No. 9 LSU at No. 12 Florida

This is a big-time Southeastern Conference inter-divisional game that means a lot more than just a victory .  LSU wants to prove that the pollsters are right.  Florida as the highest ranked 4-1 team needs to show that they are still around.  Both must win to be convincing.  You can be certain The Swamp will be extra turbid.

Advantage: LSU


No. 1 Alabama at No. 20 South Carolina

South Carolina has had two weeks to shake loose the funk from the loss at Auburn.  Head coach Steve Spurrier smells blood as the SEC East has been blown wide open. There's no team better to get ready on than 'Bama on your turf in a circle game.  Spurrier was the super-coach long before Nick Saban was Nick Saban, but Saban has shown the ability to prepare a team that's a target every week.

Advantage: Alabama

Enjoy your weekend!