Randy Moss Trade: Vikings, Patriots Discussing Moss Trade

Matthew FairburnCorrespondent IMarch 26, 2017

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Minnesota Vikings and New England Patriots have agreed on a deal that will send Randy Moss to the Vikings, assuming he agrees to a long-term contract with Minnesota. In an ironic twist of fate, Moss has been traded back to the team that drafted him in the first round in 1998. Is the trade enough to get the Vikings back on the right track?

So far this season, the Vikings have not looked like the team many expected them to be. Brett Favre has looked his age and injuries to the wide receivers have not helped the aging quarterback. But how much can the 33-year-old Moss really add to this team? Quite frankly, however much he wants to.

Moss has always been criticized for his attitude and spotty effort. While he has been guilty of taking plays off, when he does decide to put forth effort he is damn near impossible to stop.

Has Moss lost a step? Perhaps. But a player as talented as Moss can afford to lose a step or two and still be productive.

His production will hinge on his motivation level, and personally I have a hard time believing he will have any motivation problems. He is returning to the place where he set records to a contending team in a town that appreciates him. As long as the Vikings are contending, Moss will be playing hard. Let's not forget he still doesn't have a ring.

Meanwhile, Moss will be getting a new contract. Normally for wide receivers with motivation issues a contract is a red flag, but not for Moss. Moss is the type of player that needs to be appreciated and loves to prove people wrong. A new contract will leave him feeling loved and then it will be all about proving the Vikings' doubters wrong.

The Vikings' window of opportunity is closing, and they recognize that. Favre is in his last season and they are making a last-ditch effort to squeeze a championship out of this talented roster.

My biggest issue with the Vikings during the early part of this season was how defeated  Favre looked at times. With Moss in town, it is hard to believe the morale of Favre and the team would not be lifted.

Moss will give this team a much needed spark and before long they will have Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin back at full speed. Just imagine scheming for an offense with Moss and Rice on the outside, Harvin in the slot, Shiancoe at tight end, Favre under center, and Peterson in the backfield. There is certainly reason for optimism in Minnesota today.