Randy Moss Trade Rumors: Five Reasons Trade To Vikings Makes Sense

Scott AltmanCorrespondent IOctober 5, 2010

Randy Moss Trade Rumors: Five Reasons Trade To Vikings Makes Sense

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    Sources have reportedly informed ESPN's Adam Schefter that the Minnesota Vikings are currently in trade talks with the New England Patriots about acquiring the services of future hall of fame receiver Randy Moss.

    According to both Foxsports.com and Schefter, Moss would have to agree to a contract extension with the Vikings before a deal could occur, but a deal is far from complete, and may not materialize. 

    A report from the Boston Herald surfaced earlier today claiming that Moss asked to be traded from New England after the team's Week 1 win. Whether or not this report sparked the trade talks seems unlikely considering the short time window between the publishing of the article and the circulation of trade rumors.

    Either way, the future hall of fame receiver, if his wish is granted, would be shipped off to play with Brett Favre, who lobbied for Moss' services in 2007, only to see him shipped off to Oakland. Although this trade may seem like a loss for the Patriots, it actually makes quite a bit of sense. Here's five reason why.

Randy Moss Will Be A 34 Year Old Free Agent Next Year; Patriots Can Get Return

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    The NFL Hall of Fame will one day carve a bust in the shape of Randy Moss' head, but the man's best days are behind him. Moss is still among the NFL's elite, and arguably ranks among the top three or four receivers in the league, but he is coming up on age 34, and things will likely only decline from here on out.

    Moss will be a free agent next season, and will likely demand a pretty outlandish contract. Considering that he has already asked for a trade, the chances of him returning are also slim to none.

    So, why not trade Moss, who does not figure to fit into the team's long term plans (Or, for that matter, current plans. He has only nine catches through four games, and did not register a reception in New England's blowout win against the Dolphins) and get something in return.

    Details as to what kind of ammo Minnesota will have to surrender in exchange for Moss remains sealed, but if it's, say, a second round pick, expect New England to make that deal. Bill Belichick has done it so many times before, and while his decisions are not always justifiable, this one is.

The Obvious: Provides The Vikings With a Legitimate Receiver Threat

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    So, this must be a sign that Sidney Rice's injury is worse than everybody thought, right?

    Or are the Vikings just panicking?

    Or are they just capitalizing on an opportunity to bolster their receiving corps from pretty good to elite?

    In all likelihood, it is a combination of the three, but adding Moss into any receiving corps immediately bolsters it big time. He may being losing a step or two, but an aging Randy Moss is still an elite player. He draw the eight and nine men-in-the-box defenses Adrian Peterson has been facing, and provide Brett Favre with a deadly weapon.

    And, of course, adding Moss bridges the gap for Sidney Rice's approximate Week 8 or 9 return.

Provides Minnesota With an Emotional Spark

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    A Week 3 victory against the Lions might have revived some passion out of everybody's favorite (actually, everybody's least favorite) good 'ole gunslinger, but beating Detroit at home is not going to suddenly spark a turnaround for the Vikings.

    Adding Randy Moss does, however, provides an immediate spark, both emotionally and on the field. Not to mention, Moss brings 13 years of experience into the locker room, which can't hurt.

    Even if Moss is not the player he used to be, he brings promise to a dejected Vikings locker room. Not to mention, he will have some fun against the Lions' 26th and the Bears 27th ranked pass defenses.

The Patriots Have No Qualms Cutting Ties With Stars

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    Lawyer Milloy, Willie McGinest, Asante Samuel, Richard Seymour, Mike Vrabel, and the list goes on.

    Whether or not you want out, the New England Patriots will happily get rid of you.

    Every player on this list was a superstar with the Pats, and all played integral roles in capturing at least one of their three Super Bowl titles. But Bill Belichick had no reservations in ridding them from his roster, whether by demand, or by complete blindsided trades.

    Although the backlash was significant after each trade, Belichick, time and time again, quickly replaced each player with an unknown or an aging castoff, who quickly found stardom in New England. If the Patriots trade Randy Moss, it is because they don't necessarily need him, and there is a plan in place.

Trading Moss Frees Up Money For The Patriots in 2011

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    Handing over Randy Moss' contract to the Minnesota Vikings rids the Patriots of his hefty contract, and therefore grants them significantly more spending money for the 2011 offseason.

    Remember, New England will have to pay two first round picks next season (They have Oakland's 2011 1st rounder from the Seymour trade), and there is a great crop of potential free agents, particularly at wide receiver.

    Vincent Jackson, Santonio Holmes, Miles Austin, Braylon Edwards, Sidney Rice, and Malcolm Floyd could all potentially hit the open market next summer. Surely, not all of them will, but if Rice or Jackson does, the Patriots will have the funding to reel one of them in.

    Bringing in a young receiver with fresh legs only benefits the Patriots, and further explains why trading Moss makes sense.